Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is coming to an App Store near you


Although we’re living through something of a golden age for original iOS games (think Monument Valley and Leo’s Fortune), it’s also a great time for iPhone gamers because we’re seeing ports of so many classic games making their way into the App Store. The latest is Capcom’s tremendous 2008 video game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which has just been announced as being set to arrive on iOS in the near future.

Promising a near-exact replica of the PSP title, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will nonetheless optimize the monster-slaying experience for touch controls, as well as offering support for MFi (Made for iPhone) gamepads and improved graphics. In addition there’s set to be an online multiplayer mode, which is a big part of the game’s appeal.

For those unfamiliar with it, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is part of the popular Monster Hunter series, in which you take on the role of a hunter in a fantasy environment, completing quests by hunting out specific kinds of monsters to kill or capture. It’s great fun, and the series has racked up sales of more than 28 million units since it first debuted a decade ago. An iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite arrived in Japan (where it is known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G) around a month ago, but this is the first evidence that an international version is slated for release.

With E3 set for next week, it’s likely that we’ll continue to have exciting news about forthcoming iOS games breaking on a regular basis for the immediate future.

Check out the trailer for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite below:

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is coming to an App Store near you

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