iPhone 6 could be just as thin as iPod touch, according to leaked case

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Our friend Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy has another video examining the alleged iPhone 6 case he got from sources overseas.

This time, he got the inclination to compare the case to the current iPod touch. And what he found is pretty interesting.

Surprise! The fifth-gen iPod touch slid perfectly into the case, which suggests that the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone will share the same width.

iPhone 6 could be just as thin as iPod touch, according to leaked case

In case you were wondering, that exact width would be 6.1mm. That’s a noticeable change from the current 7.6mm thickness of the iPhone 5s.

The design of the case also suggests that the next iPhone will share the curved volume buttons on the iPod touch. Looks like the mute switch might also be relocated.

There is always the chance that Hilsenteger’s case is a fake or based off outdated specs, but we have reason to believe that they are legitimate. He got his hands on iPad Air parts before the tablet was announced by Apple.

For an inside look at how unreleased parts and cases like this get leaked in the press, check out our discussion with Hilsenteger in episode 123 of the Cultcast.

  • Joey B

    Am I the only person that wouldn’t mind if the iPhone got a little thicker if it actually had a battery that would last all day? They’re so obsessed with everything being thin & the battery life just gets crappier with every product they release.

    • BenGie Cruz

      Don’t buy it then!

  • http://www.nowhereelse.fr/ Stagueve

    Misleading demonstration… Sorry but every tiny single millimeter matters when you’re dealing with this kind of thickness… http://www.nowhereelse.fr/video-epaisseur-iphone-6-vs-ipod-touch-97056/

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