Photojojo’s Table Dolly Resembles A Robot Dinosaur


Photojojo’s Table Dolly is – on the face of things – a super-adjustable way to film professional-looking dolly shots in your kitchen or on your stylish blond-wood parquet floors.

But looked at a different way, it could be a robot dinosaur or a cherry-picker for Lego minifigs.

The $90 Table Dolly features four bearing-loaded rollerskate wheels for smooth travel, a jointed neck that can be craned and extended, plus a pair of jaws into which you clamp your iPhone, ready to grab a kind of mini-t-rex POV movie.

Or, as I mentioned above, you could just clamp a little knobbled plastic platform into those jaws and set your Lego characters to replacing the lightbulbs in the table-lamps around your home.

And if you buy two Table Dollies, you could make professional-looking dolly shots of your minifigs at work. Did I just blow your mind?

You can grab as many Table Dollies as you like right now from the Photojojo store. And, with some irony, it will probably arrive at your home with at least one plastic dinosaur in the pack, as is the usual MO with Photojojo’s deliveries.

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