Hear Siri Quote Darth Vader In All 32 Supported Languages

Lukáš, já jsem tvůj otec.

Lukáš, já jsem tvůj otec.

Ever wanted to hear Siri declaim “Luke, I am your father” in 32 different languages?

In a blog post by the developers behind the daily Spanish word app Vocab Ninja, you can click on all of Siri’s different voices — overwhelmingly female-gendered, interestingly enough — in both standard and enhanced audio resolutions.

There are 26 languages in total, ranging from various dialects of Chinese to Arabic and English from the various countries that speak the language, including Australia, South Africa and the UK.

It’s a fun exercise, and really nails home the point that Siri (and Apple, by extension) is truly a world-class phenomenon, informing and assisting everyone across the globe in their native language.

Some of the voices sound incredibly realistic, while others (like the Arabic and Irish-dialect English) still sound like a robot voice. The enhanced quality voices sound the best, obviously, and you can get them with a download in your Settings app.

Head on over and give it a listen; it’s fun to hear Siri play at Darth Vader, anyway.

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