Dual USB Charger Plugs Into Both Cars And Walls


I’m a sucker for great charger designs, and Ventev’s Utilitycharger 2100 is clearly a smart design. So clever is it that I’m even willing to overlook my hatred of cards for a few minutes as I write this post.

This charger works in both cars and indoors. The unit contains two (1-Amp) USB ports, and has a flip out plug on each side: One for regular wall outlets and one for the cigarette-lighter socket in your mobile metal death-mobile.

I’ve gotten sick of all the chargers I have to keep on hand for testing and charging the Batcave-worth of gadget I have in the Cult of Mac’s German lab (built into a disused volcano, and don’t bother looking: it’s impossible to find), so I’m in the market for a multi-port USB charger and a universal mains adapter. The Ventev would certainly fit the bill for the former, but as it has no fast-charging 2.1-Amp port for iPads, I’ll skip it.

I also don’t own or use a car, so that’s another reason not to bother. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to charge your phone as well as drink coffee, read the news and wrassle with your kids, all while your uncontrolled vehicle hurtles towards vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists, then go ahead and grab one. It’s just $40, and means you’ll only have to carry one charger with you, ever.

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