The goDock, An $85 Cable-Wrap


The goDock is nothing if not ambitious. It’s a cleverly-fashioned block of aluminum which works as both a cable-wrapping spindle and portable dock for the iPhones 4 and 5/S. But it’ll cost you a ker-azy $85 ($58 for Kickstarter supporters), and needs a whopping $75,000 in pledges to get it started.


The goDock is pretty ingenious, managing to pack a lot into its pocket-sized body. Like the BlueLounge Rolio, the goDock has a channel around its perimeter for cable-wrapping purposes, and like the Rolio it lets you push your iPhone power adapter through a hole in the middle (although the Rolio has a hole for just the USB part, not the whole brick).

With the cable wrapped, the lightning/30-pin plug poking out and the power brick threaded through the middle, you can plug the whole unit into the wall and set the iPhone on top to charge.

I like the idea, but as you can already buy a more useful (Lightning-only) version that works with power adapters form anywhere in the world, not just the US, it makes the price seems rather absurd (the Rolio is $10). Also, even with $75,000 to burn through, the first units won’t appear until April 2014.

Still, it does double as an earbud winder, too.


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