GIF-tastic! Flipboard Now Supports Animated GIFs



Do you love animated GIFs? Hey, who doesn’t? We certainly do, and as it turns out, Flipboard does too. The personally curated magazine for iOS has just introduced a new update that allows you to check out animated GIFs, right within the app.

Over on their official site, Flipboard announces:

Who doesn’t love GIFs? Flipboard readers have already incorporated them into lively magazines like “Just GIF It,” “GIF Pop” and “GIF Me a Break.” Already on Android, GIF support comes to Flipboard for iPad and iPhone — so now anyone can collect and share their favorites in a magazine. (To celebrate, we’ve got some GIF-centric magazines we love featured today in By Our Readers. Tap on the red ribbon to find them in the Content Guide.)

Even if you think GIFs are pretty frivolous things, though, there’s a lot to love in this update. For example, the new app introduces Top Stories sections in U.S. News, Business, Tech and Sports, showing the seven biggest stories at any moment in any of those subjects.

You also get a new “pagebox” on the fourth page of your magazines when you’ve created more than two. This pagebox contains an avatar which shows the curator’s profile page when tapped. In addition, when you’ve added 10 items to a magazine, you’re now invited to share it with your friends and followers.

You can grab the new Flipboard update for free on the iTunes App Store.

Source: Flipboard


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