Grab Five Bucks And Play ‘Skyward Collapse’, A 4X Strategy God Game That Fights Back

Build and manage a floating continent while everything fights against you. Sounds like a good weekend.

Build and manage a floating continent while everything fights against you. Sounds like a good weekend.

God games tend to be pretty similar: build a little city, tell the inhabitants what to do, and watch them do it. Not in this game, though.

Skyward Collapse is a fantastic mashup of a 4X strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) with a god-game (Spore, Black & White, Civilization). Your task is to create and populate a floating continent called Liminith. You get to create gods, creatures, and artifacts from Norse and Greek myth, and keep them from killing each other off until you’re summoned home by The Master. This will definitely be harder than it sounds.

There will be bandits with their keeps popping up from time to time, natural disasters like floods, serial killers, and vegetarian uprisings, and…wait, what? Maybe you should try something a little safer, like taming a tiger or something.

Skyward Collapse is a turn-based, strategic game in which you control none of the warring factions, but struggle to apply god-like powers to maintain a healthy population and the balance of power. You’ll need to collect resources, build towns, and persuade all the little people to do what you want my manipulating the environment around their sad, little lives. You’ll use underling gods as well–up to 16 of them–to manage things while you take care of business, especially when you start dealing with the Age of Monsters.

There are multiple difficulty levels, thank You, and a co-op multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Slick!

Honestly, for five bucks, you can’t go wrong here. Just head on over to Steam and grab yourself a copy of the game, which is actually on sale for $4.49 as of this writing. You just may find a gem of a game that keeps you busy into the wee hours of your long weekend, keeping your continent safe and your warring factions alive and, well, warring.

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