HoursTracker for iPhone Goes Free Today [Daily Freebie]

HoursTracker for iPhone Goes Free Today [Daily Freebie]

Sometimes, discovering a free app is like finding gold; other times, it’s more like finding a rock covered in gold paint. Case in point: While we really dig the free version of HoursTracker HD for iPad, the freebie of the iPhone version is severely hobbled — and not nearly as useful.

But just for today, the superb full version of the HoursTracker iPhone app is free.

The app is a real boon for anyone who needs to count every minute worked in order to make a living. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, a ton of flexibility and features like tags and filters to make our life easier. There’s even a location-aware feature that starts/stops jobs when you reach/exit a certain area — though that’ll cost you an extra buck. And while syncing up with the iPad’s HD version (unfortunately not on sale) is included, auto-backup is subscription only. If you don’t want to pay for that last one, don’t worry — you probably won’t miss it.

UPDATE: As the app’s developer, Carlos Ribas, correctly points out, syncing is actually not included — though he says it’s coming soon. Manual backup is included standard. There are also added benefits to the cloud subscription: web reporting, charting and data export. 

  • MacGamerHQ

    Hey Eli, thanks for the deal alert. I was actually looking for a time tracking app some months ago in order to test a new productivity technique ;) I only found so-so free alternatives, and had to put the whole “project” in stand by…

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I already downloaded it and will start using it tomorrow!



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