Apple’s Live TV Service Is “Imminent” [Analyst]

Apple’s Live TV Service Is “Imminent” [Analyst]

Apple has been trying to get some sort of new TV product off the ground for quite some time. We’ve seen prototypes of an actual Apple iTV, and there’s also been speculation that Apple will introduce a TV set-top box that streams live broadcasts over the internet.

While licensing agreements still need to be reached with Hollywood studios and cable companies, Apple’s mythical TV device is gearing up for an “imminent” launch, according to a new report.

Jefferies analyst James Kisner has gotten word that a new Apple TV product is anticipated at least one major cable-related company.

According to Kisner, “our discussions with industry contacts suggest that at least one major N. American MSO is working to estimate how much additional capacity may be needed for a new Apple device on their broadband data network. We believe this potentially suggests an imminent launch of the Apple TV.”

The company Kisner is referring to is called ARRIS, a big cable network infrastructure partner in the United States. Companies like Comcast pay ARRIS to mange network broadband and provide telecommunication equipment.

This note from Jefferies isn’t exactly a confirmation, but Kisner’s comments definitely make it seem like something is going on behind the curtain. Apple has been having problems negotiating with media companies in recent months. “Imminent” hopefully doesn’t mean more than a year away.

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