Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Coming To Mac & iOS On September 18

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Coming To Mac & iOS On September 18

BioWare’s classic Baldur’s Gate will return with new content this September.

BioWare’s 1998 classic role-playing game Baldur’s Gate is being rebuilt for Mac, PC, and iPad. It will be an enhanced version that incorporates both the original Baldur’s Gate and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion — with the same classes, races, and plot points — as well as new content and features we’ve never seen before. The title is being developed by Overhaul Games, which just announced a September 18 release date.

Some of that new content includes a new dungeon, and three new playable sidekicks that weren’t present in the original 1998 release. Cross-platform multiplayer has also been added, allowing gamers on a Mac to team up with friends on PC and iPad devices — and vice versa.

As you’d expect, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will also boast higher-resolution graphics, and a multitouch control system for the iPad.

Electronista reports that the game will be based on the Dungeons and Dragons second edition ruleset, and that Dungeons and Dragons senior writer Dave Gross has been involved in development. Overhaul Games has also had the help of many of the game’s original developers from the now defunct BioWare.

The title is scheduled to make its debut on September 18, priced at $20 on Mac and PC, and $10 on iPad. All optional characters will be available on Mac and PC, and as in-app purchases on iPad.

An enhanced version of Baldur’s Gate II is also expected in 2013.

  • ddevito

    Gaming is more natural and such a better experience on the Nexus 7

  • Njordy

    It it supports progress sync through iCloud I will buy both Mac and iCloud. :) But I don’t think they would since there is a Windows version ether…

  • Skywaytraffic

    Gaming is more natural and such a better experience on the Nexus 7

    Den why aw we twolling the cultovmac boawds?

  • Substance

    I’m with @Njordy, this is the the perfect app for me to be truly ‘universal’ – buy one copy that installs on both Mac and iOS with iCloud syncing in the background that allows you true to pick and go from where you left off on any other device.

    I’ve got to believe we’re getting close to such a reality, otherwise why would Overhaul spend the time making it work for the relatively minuscule Mac market compared to iOS? I’m guessing Overhaul saw that it wasn’t that much work to port it to Mac from what they were doing for iOS. If so, then that’s iOSification of the Mac done right.

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