Polaroid (Finally) Launches iPhone App


Polaroid is finally making an iOS app, just five years after the iPhone launched.

Speaking of Polaroid, the ailing-but-once-awesome instant photo company has come out with its own iPhone app. And guess what? It’s yet another Instagram clone, only it’s not free and it even has extra in-app purchases.

The app is called Polamatic, and it lets you snap photos, add filters and grames, and then upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Instagram (just like Instagram!). The schtick here is that the frames aren’t just any old Polaroid-ish
frames. No, they’re actual scans of “new, used, and vintage Polaroid frames.”

Polamatic comes with 12 effects, 12 frames and 12 different fonts which are used for the app’s only original feature: writing on a photograph’s chin. These are all included in the $1 asking price, and there are two more packs of 12 frames for $1 apiece, plus a 12-pack of filters for another $1.

I like the writing-on-pictures part of the app, and selling extra packs of frames and effects is fine (and probably what Instagram should have been doing all along). But it all comes a little too late. After all, why bother with this when you can have the real thing for free?

  • tonybaldeagle

    Hopefully it links to their Pogo & Grey Label printers – that would be cool to print polaroid shots instantly from the iphone

  • ApplePr0n

    Wow, that took about 3-4 years too long. As big of a company as they are

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