Another Rare Vintage Mac Surfaces: Macintosh SE with Clear Plastic Case

Clear Mac SE

Macintosh SE with Clear Case, Code Name "Aladdin"

2012 has been a good year for vintage Macs surfacing from obscurity. Earlier this year we brought you news about an original 128k Mac with 5.25’ Twiggy floppy disk for sale on eBay. This same owner contacted Cult of Mac recently to share some photos of his latest rare find: a prototype Macintosh SE with a clear plastic outer case, used for engineering air flow studies.

Who says all old Macs were beige?

eBay seller wozniac – aka Adam G of Vancouver (not that other Woz) – is a very lucky vintage Mac collector and proprietor. But unlike the Twiggy Mac, this unit is not for sale. According to Adam:

“Aladdin was the code-name for the Mac SE computer. Being that the SE was the first Mac […] that used a fan for its cooling, they needed to do smoke tests with these units to see how the air flowed inside the machine and move components on the power sweep / analog board accordingly, to provide adequate cooling to them. Attached are some photos after I got this system back up and running. ”

Mac SE Clear Case

This SE is one of ten clear prototypes that were produced into fully working units; apparently 8 have survived. Adam managed to acquire his machine from a former Apple Project Manager who signed the purchase order to have the clear systems produced.

Why don’t I know any people like this?

Mac SE Clear Case

Mac SE Analog Board

Analog Power Supply Board

The codename Aladdin was one of a series of names used during the Mac SE’s development. According to Mactracker other SE code names were PlusPlus, Freeport, Maui, and Chablis.

Alladin name on components

Aladdin codename on system components

It’s interesting to see the codename silkscreened into the logic and power supply (analog) boards. Production models read “Macintosh SE” rather than “Aladdin” in these same locations.

Keep it up, Adam – we look forward to the next great find!

  • Thanks wozniac
  • Image all photos by Adam Goolevitch
  • Farzad Nazifi

    just look at the total memory 

  • DoctorK4

    You have Aladdin consistently misspelled in your article, including the caption of the picture showing the “Aladdin” circuit board printing.

  • Adam Rosen

    You have Aladdin consistently misspelled in your article, including the caption of the picture showing the “Aladdin” circuit board printing.

    You’re right, thanks.  Brain cramp, now fixed.

  • Tim Coombe

    You know, I have absolutely no recollection of the IBM Trash Can under System 6!

  • Andrew John

    just look at the total memory 

    Yep, my first Macintosh had a total memory of 512k and cost me $3500. It cost me $200 to get an upgrade to 1Mb. And people bitch about the price of Apple computers today.

  • Ted Reyes

    I was the circuit board designer for the Aladdin CPU and sat beside Brian Howard for many hours on the design.

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