10 Things Apple Should Have Done With Its $100 Billion Surplus [Humor]

10 Things Apple Should Have Done With Its $100 Billion Surplus [Humor]

It’s always fun to speculate about what Apple should or could do with its horde of cash, and this video runs through some of the wackier ideas: from building and staffing a lunar base for eight-and-a-half years. to buying a third of the world’s drugs and throwing a continent-wide coke party, to enslaving the Rolling Stones and making them play a concert night after night after night for thirty-four years. It leaves the best for last though: making 4,813 baby clones of Steve Jobs.

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  • mirixee

    I doubt it could solve world hunger for 3 years. But perhaps Apple can make an app for that. It would cost $2 from the App Store, and would totally buy-off your conscience. Can we hurry up and return to being selfish already?

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