Apple Will Ramp Up Production Of Next-Gen MacBook Pros in April [Report]

Apple Will Ramp Up Production Of Next-Gen MacBook Pros in April [Report]

Apple's next-generation of MacBook Pros are expected to be thinner and lighter just like the MacBook Air.

Apple is set to begin mass producing its next-generation MacBook Pros next month, according to sources in its supply chain — just in time to receive Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors. The 15-inch model will be first to hit the production line in April, with the 13-inch model, which is claimed to be the most popular, following in June.

DigiTimes reports:

As Apple will start mass producing its 15-inch MacBook Pro in April, sources from the upstream supply chain have pointed out that the company’s orders for the 13.3-inch model are far higher than those of the 15-inch, indicating that Apple is more focused on the 13.3-inch notebook segment. However, the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro will not start mass production until June.

While the report claims that smaller MacBook Pro is the most popular, it doesn’t provide any evidence for that. And it doesn’t explain why the 15-inch model will enter production first. However, MacRumors notes that the reason for this could have “something to do with [Intel’s Ivy Bridge] timetable as it was reported the very low power Ivy Bridge CPUs also won’t be ready until June”

While Apple has previously used these “low power” chips only in its ultraportable MacBook Air, recent reports have claimed that its next-generation of Pros will adopt a significantly thinner form factor — without an optical drive — just like the Air.

  • iCheech

    Erfon will have to talk about this today on the Podcast…

  • We_Are_Apple

    I check this website everyday for news about this release.

    – No ODD
    – No HDD, SSD only
    – No Ethernet / Firewire ports
    – Retina display(?)
    – Ivy Bridge
    – Powerful graphics
    – New 15″ form factor

    Do want! I have been waiting sooooo long for this. :D

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