How To Enable Hidden Debug Settings On The iPhone [iOS Tips]

How To Enable Hidden Debug Settings On The iPhone [iOS Tips]

There are a host of hidden debug settings in iOS that developers, security researchers, hackers, and others use to analyze data and fix errors. While most normal users won’t care to look through their iMessage logs, the more inquisitive may feel dangerous enough to try.

There are actually some practical reasons to use iOS debug tools. If you encounter an annoying bug it is much more likely to get solved by logging the issue to then examine later. Such information can also help developers pinpoint issues and bugs in their apps.

The mastermind known as “chronic” has posted iOS user profiles to enable hidden debug tools for Bluetooth, Messages, and FaceTime on the iPhone. By clicking the following links for each profile, you can safely install the debug tools, no jailbreak required.

Once you’ve installed, the new diagnostic settings will appear under each associated section of the iOS Settings app. You export logs to be examined in tools like Apple’s own Xcode for Mac. You’ll need to sync your device with iTunes and then look in Library/Logs/MobileDevice to find the log data.

You can easily delete each debug profile by navigating to Settings > General > Profiles in iOS. Happy code tinkering!

  • Alan Holwill

    “may feel dangerous enough”


  • joehudsonsmall

    How did you remove the Carrier name from the status bar? (Or did you just ‘shop it?)

  • Daydreamer1987

    Hi, this could be really useful but I can’t find the file where the logs are meant to be kept. My device is synced with iTunes, however no Mobile log files show up in the Library.
    This is driving me crazy so any help would be amazing.

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