Samsung Says That Steve Jobs Didn’t “Crack” The Modern TV, Calls It “Nothing New”



With competitors already starting to anticipate Apple’s entrance into the TV market, Samsung has felt the need to clarify its confidence and throw Apple under the bus at the same time.

Philip Newton, Director of Audiovisual for Samsung Australia, told The Sydney Morning Herald that Steve Jobs’s revelation to biographer Walter Isaacson about “finally cracking” the iTV is “nothing new.”

When asked how Samsung felt about Apple’s inevitable foray into the television industry, Newton replied:

Do we see them as a threat, not specifically no … probably we’ll have some competitors that may suffer … but we see it as a great opportunity, the more big name brands that get involved in smart [TV] the better off we are as a brand because we know we can lead it.

Newton didn’t stop there. He felt the need to call out Jobs’s sentiment about “cracking” the television:

When Steve Jobs talked about he’s ‘cracked it’, he’s talking about connectivity – so we’ve had that in the market already for 12 months, it’s nothing new, it was new for them because they didn’t play in the space. It’s old news as far as the traditional players are concerned and we have broadened that with things like voice control and touch control; the remote control for these TVs has a touch pad.

Samsung has been heavily promoting its own monstrosities, “Smart TVs”, at CES all week. The televisions allow users to run apps, give voice commands and video conference with built-in cameras, but the technology lacks the polish and consumer attraction that Apple’s products possess. Not to mention the fact that you have to use a keyboard remote to control the damn thing.

Here’s what Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson:

I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use. It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud. No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.

Newton’s statements are a classic example of how companies like Samsung don’t understand Apple. It’s not about being first to market; it’s about being the best.

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  • CaveMan5464

    Samsung is a joke. He better hope that his comments are correct and apple really has nothing, because if phones are any example of how dangerous apple can be… Boy I boy.

  • TheBasicMind

    Phil Newton is in common parlance “doing a Ballmer”

    It could be argued Ballmer’s disparaging comments about a competitors product that went on to blow his own out the water, did more damage to his credibility than any other single act. It demonstrated he is a leader without the requisite judgement to steer a companies products. It has yet to be proved the same pattern will repeat, but Newton should at least be very wary. He has instead now made himself a hostage to fortune, because he has no idea what Apple will come out with. If for example it successfully integrates Siri, they will have no reply.

  • Sean Mulvihill

    Damn he’s cocky, you can tell he’s secretly shitting bricks

  • Len Williams

    Even though Apple’s TV isn’t out yet, Phil Newton already knows all about it and is sure that it’s no big deal, and that Samsung is already doing it. The stupidity of these remarks is beyond absurd. I currently have a Samsung 46″ TV and it’s great, as a regular TV; good color and picture image. Even the sound is pretty good from the built-in speakers. However, when Steve Jobs says he’s “cracked it”, he’s talking about a whole new level of simplicity, capability and functionality the like of which revolutionized the computer, music player, smartphone and tablet industries. After all the negative publicity Samsung’s received about copying Apple’s products, you’d think Newton would keep a low profile and simply tout his own company’s products and features–and hope like hell that Apple won’t seriously cut into his business. I find his pretended knowledge of what the Apple TV is going to be very much of a whistling past the graveyard approach.

  • Sean Leroy

    Finally seeing that “I cracked it” quote in context makes me think Jobs was thinking more of the elements of design and function than how the thing would come to market with content that would lure a customer base.

  • PeterLin

    Wasn’t there a phone guy who said much the same thing about the iPhone? Something about them understanding phones and who computer guys weren’t going to just waltz in and take over? Feels like deja vu all over again.
    But who knows, Samsung’s evidently very quick with the copiers. They may be able to get 80% of what Apple does in 6 months or so.

  • Mark Daunt

    listening to this guy just never wants me to buy a samsung product again, well done….

  • sir1jaguar

    Ok, ok, ok…

    Istupid, izombie, iturds, ifans settle down…

    To make it short, newton means – theres no big advancement will happen, it will just be a refinement whatsoever by Apple but theres no really wow factor like .2 inch oled super advance panel or very unique sound system.

    If apple will release a tv, they will buy all the parts (components from samsung, sharp, lg, sony, etc) from asia and will be manufactured there too – WHERES THE ORIGINALITY AND ADVANCEMENT, NOT FROM APPLE BUT FROM THOSE TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURER…


  • tdelam

    Yep, samsung has garbage anyway. I’ve had a few of their products and most of them failed shortly after factory warranties were up. :(

  • James T

    I’m just not sure why the hostility. If he is really that confident in his company leading the way in TV sales, then he should just let that speak for itself. 
    So either by the end of the year Samsung can issue an “I told you so” statement or an “Oh F me” statement because they got caught with their pants down. 
    One thing Apple has proven is, just them announcing a product is huge. It doesn’t even have to go on sale for months later. The public doesn’t even see the product with their own eyes and they must have it. Evidence by the enormous lines anytime a new product goes on sale.

    Other companies may imitate a product but one thing that is true is they can’t buy the kind of publicity that a new Apple product produces on it’s own.

  • James T

    Too many companies trying to flood the market with the exact same crap that is already out just to make a quick buck. This also devalues their product, Samsung doesn’t care. Make a cheap laptop, it dies in 6 months and the person buys another cheap laptop..(replace laptop with 1 of the other 24 types of things Samsung makes) 
    This company used to be great, now they clone everything. 

  • Steven Chaffer

    “but we see it as a great opportunity”….to copy Apple again.

  • DrunkKidCatholic

    Samsung is complete shit. Remember their failed attempt to break into the smartphone market, I think it was called the blackjack.

  • Stephan Le

    you usually hear these types of dismissive remarks from competitors when apple launches something. then they just end up copying apple.

  • Thex1138

    Asher Moses [Author of the grovelling article] is on the Samsung payroll so he will say anything Sammy tells him LOL
    [Sammy flew him to CES] His stories noticeably changed from impartial recently.

    For example his reports totally ignore the fact that Sammy blatantly copies Apple hardware… connectors, power supplies, iPad stands… as well as handsets and tablet… he now says there’s nothing wrong with breaching patent rights, probably, he thinks Apple copied Sammy… depends how much they paid him.

    So he will slant the story however Sammy asks of him to do so… turning the once impartial SMH to a basket case tabloid…

  • poppa1138

    Samsung have made a good TV with the 3Dled Smart TV range but have let them selves down because they still have a poor input device the remote,entering text is painfully slow when typing on the remote keyboard.

  • Sergey Kamenezki

    Hello and again why everyone has to trash everything ?
    Samsung is a huge corp and Apple too.
    Samsung always used to copy products of others and implement some of their technologies .
    I never had issues with Samsung products i owned in terms of warranty or after warranty period.
    About phone market well you like it or not but Samsung dominates many phone markets nowadays. 
    I am my self Apple user i own iPhone4,iPAD2,iMac,MBP,Apple TV.
    But i am also using products of other companies and samsung between them.
    Can you guys stop trashing Samsung and others?
    And while you are on CES try to view CES as stand alone and not CES vs Apple.

  • sjsutton

    Let’s see…. Korean (Asian) usability vs. American (English) usability…..
    There’s a big difference Samsung.

  • joewaylo

    The reason is always money. Apple sees a product Samsung has copied off them and sues for their share.

    Steve Jobs claimed he discovered the Smart TV. Called iTV. But Samsung beat him to the punch already. So we’re all upset that Samsung won faster than Apple on the big TV part. But Steve presented the Apple TV first though. Which was close to when Roku came out.

  • joewaylo

    The reason is always money. Apple sees a product Samsung has copied off them and sues for their share.

    Steve Jobs claimed he discovered the Smart TV. Called iTV. But Samsung beat him to the punch already. So we’re all upset that Samsung won faster than Apple on the big TV part. But Steve presented the Apple TV first though. Which was close to when Roku came out.

  • macgizmo

    I don’t think many people are “upset” about Samsung’s TVs, because Apple hasn’t released or even announced one, so they obviously didn’t “copy” Apple at all here.

    But if history holds true, Apple will eventually release something that is miles better and easier to use, it will be popular, then Samsung will adjust their existing lines to look the same, offer similar features, etc. THEN we’ll be upset about them copying Apple.

  • Jordan Clay

    Samsung is partially right by saying Apples’ tv is “Nothing New”     However the only part they got right was the “Nothing.”    NOTHING exists,  it is very foolish of Samsung to dismiss it before they know anything about it.    

  • taylerz

    Translation: “We don’t have iOS and Siri. We don’t have 70 billion of cash and clout. Yes, we’re nervous”. Well, they should be. It keeps competition going and everyone on their toes. I mean, what did you expect? A corp exec to say they’re scared to death? Although they’re not saying it outright, you can read through the exec-speak and see the jittery. On the other hand, when Jobs says he’s finally cracked it, he really means it.

  • Sergey Kamenezki

    But why to be upset?
    All industry of computers and digital tch made on copying each other.
    If compaq would not copy IBM probably we would now be stuck with not so developed computer industry.
    If Gates would not buy and sell DOS things also would be worse.
    If apple would not copy Xerox we would not be using good graphic UIs.
    So everyone trying to copy in some way and if it is possible to make things better and less complex.
    So why being upset of that?
    We have to enjoy this process.

  • ddevito

    There will not be an Apple (i)TV this year. Look for 2013

  • Antonio Ramirez

    Samsung is right about there is nothing new. Just like the iPhone was nothing new because after all its just a phone. The difference is how it is implemented and how well and smooth its all seemingly works with the user himself. Everyone has had this idea before but no one knows how to implement it like Apple can and no one has the technology Apple does. The only way other companies have a chance against Apple is to beat them to the market and get people to buy their products first so they won’t have any money left over to buy Apple products.

  • RobertSantellan

    Currently in the market for a new TV, so interested in seeing if iTV actually comes to light.

  • MacGoo

    “Do we see them as a threat, not specifically no”.

    What does that even mean? Keep telling yourself that, Samsung. If you don’t see them as a threat, you must have been hiding under a rock while they revolutionized every industry they chose to enter over the last decade or so…

  • cleancutmedia

    when iphones came out, the smartphone was nothing new.
    when ipods came out, mp3 players was nothing new.

    honestly, if I was running one of these companies, I would forget trying so hard to beat out or copy apple, rather I would call up apple and say we’d like to work with you in any way possible. We have longer history and expertise, you got the brand and execution, anything can be done? Start some discussions, who knows. I am reminded of at&t just giving into apple’s demands to get that first exclusive. This is different of course, but just try to embrace the new player and see if there is a way to get involved. Even if it is just supplying parts or building the machines. Better chance of coming up with something in those discussions then trying to keep beat down a power that won’t go away.

    btw I love samsung, nothing against them in particular.

  • Alfiejr

    Samsung, Google and the rest are all making the same mistake: throwing a mess of kitchen sink “smart” features into their TV’s, most of which very few consumers will ever use, that makes them more complicated and take more effort. only techies and hobbyists want all that stuff.

    because TV is inherently a passive activity. we just want our stuff as simply and easy as possible. kick back and enjoy.

    what could work is replacing broadcast/cable channels with “app channels.” the MLB app on Apple TV is a prototype. a light version for free and full featured with subscription. if MLB hadn’t crippled it so stupidly – no home games – i would have paid for it. all sports leagues could offer their own app channels. the Blomberg iPad app is another version of this idea. you can manipulate the info service on your iPad while watching media on your TV at the same time. the many other TV network news apps are evolving in this same direction.

    all these apps “enrich” your TV viewing experience – you can’t readily get all their good stuff via any cable channels. whereas Hulu and others that merely repackage what you can get via cable for a fee don’t succeed because you still can’t get totally rid of cable with only them, and the extras they add are fluff. all that “social” nonsense. hint: most consumers with real money to spend are NOT teenagers.

    i hope Apple doesn’t fall into the same trap. and all we really need is an improved version of the current $100 Apple TV, not an $x,000 Apple HDTV.

  • Ricardo Morgado Ferreira

    They already do, are you kidding? Apple gives Samsung loads of money every year and they simply turned into Apple’s biggest competitor in mobile hardware. Samsung is learning fast from Apple and is a monster now. Apple needs to find different partners (which seems to be the case, if the rumors are to be trusted).

  • coco

    so it used to be abt being the first when it was cnvenient to say so but now its not?

  • coco

    apple wasnt being fair and expectedmore out of samsung even after getting a free ride on samsung’s 3G technology. so samsung went with google. and microsoft. 

  • coco

    well for sure apple sees samsung as a threat :)

  • coco

    maybethey do

  • coco

    sergey, samsung is a hardware company. integrating other company’s software into their hardware is what they do. thats not copying. its called a business relationship. just like how apple outsources their hardware manufacturing and buys A5chips a touch screens from samsung.

  • coco

    jobs knew he was dying and used his death as his last marketing strategy, which u just bought into

  • coco

    only in the US. you should check out the popularity and hype about samsung in korea

  • Chris

    His attitude about Apple is eerily similar to RIM’s attitude (and they got two CEO’s) when iphone went public. This guy’s opinion is of no real value because he is speculating on speculation… which is speculative… at best.

  • Thex1138

    Steve Jobs did not copy from Xerox PARC… Apple were already working on their own interface at the time. When they went to Xerox they saw they had already figured things out… In return Apple gave shares to Xerox at the IPO…don’t make things up you have no knowledge about.
    And Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were actually working together in the early days. Steve jobs wanted Bill’s OS for his computer because Wozniak only programmed a fix point OS for Apple’s computers, Bill wrote a floating point OS for DOS which is what Jobs actually wanted.