Minecraft Is Coming To The iPhone And iPad Later Today!



We’re unabashed fans of Mojang’s Minecraft, and we’ve been waiting forever for the popular block-based exploration game to hit the iPad. Now it’s just twelve or so hours away from being here, but for those of us hoping for the full Minecraft experience, think again.

The iOS version of Minecraft is called Minecraft: Pocket Edition and for those of us who love the game’s adventure mode, we’re just $%@! out of blocks. Unlike the desktop version’s robust adventure mode featuring craftable items, weapons and armor, dragons,underground dungeons, hellish alternate dimensions and even NPCs, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is basically just a world of LEGO blocks, in which you are the sole builder.

For some, that’s probably enough to warrant the $9.99 asking price for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but if you’re used to the desktop version, it’s a significant step down in functionality. That said, maybe it’ll get more capable in time: Minecraft’s desktop version initially launched with a similarly slim feature set. In fact, it was just a building block game, and look what Notch and Co. built over time. Fingers crossed!

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  • gareth edwards

    build it and they will come.

  • GregsTechBlog

    A cool feature would be the ability to bring your worlds over from the desktop to the mobile client. 
    I imagine having Minecraft on the go would be enough to take even casual players to full addicts. 

  • Poggy Monster

    Awesome!  Will definitely download and play on the plane to Minecon!

  • Dorje Sylas

    As long as it’s got the current variety of blocks I could care less about the crafting. Frankly on an iPhone or iPad I’m looking for something to just “build” giant structures during transit (etc.)

  • MacNews1

    I wonder what it feels like to be chased by a creeper on iPad :D

  • Manuel

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  • HenryGoodwin

    Listening to Volume Alpha while playing this will be great! I’ll set “Droopy Likes Your Face” on repeat…


    this game has sucky graghpics…