Deals of the Day

  • Bluelou65


  • Emailchrisvaccaro

    be sure to share yours as well as well at http://www.theultimateworkstat… – we love macs there too! need more of um’!

  • Fitz

    can anyone tell me what speakers allan barja is using?

  • Harry Williams

    That top one reminds me of Back to the Future II

  • Yuval Novik

    Funny thing, most of the users have the Harman/Kardon Sounsticks II / III

  • Oculus Studios

    What kind of headphones are hanging from the lamp of Mauro Ruiz setup (First one)?

  • Allan

    Swan M10

  • Allan

    Made it! Thanks Alex!

  • Ed_Kel

    If there is one thing that Apple haters can’t deny, it’s the fact that us fanboys have good taste.

    Keep them coming Alex!

  • Ed_Kel

    If there is one thing that Apple haters can’t deny, it’s the fact that us fanboys have good taste.

    Keep them coming Alex!

  • prof_peabody

    I see at least three users have chosen the same IKEA “Gallant” series desk that I use. 
    (except mine is better of course).  

  • Oculus Studios

    Great speakers…

  • Electronic Components

    That second setup is awesome, looks like he has almost every Apple gadget known to man! I wish I could get two big screens like that.

  • H Bate

    Mauro Ruiz. Where did you get that awesome lamp? And I also love your background!

  • iyanski

    I miss my lava lamp

  • saint

    Does anyone know what lamp is on Mauro Ruiz’ desk?

  • Blake Beavers

    What is the clock thing on two of those MacBooks? I need it.

  • Dwayne_Chapman

    This one isn’t too bad even though it wasn’t submitted.

  • Cam Norton
  • Bruno Gama

    fliqlo’s flip clock screensaver

  • saint
  • kriswm

    Mr. Barja, i like your style.
    Youssef, you’re disqualified! take your dell and kick rocks.
    Smith, loose the glare and it’s in the bag.

  • Simon Edwards
  • Youssef Abdelaal

    I actually just made the switch over to Mac only about a month ago, and the only piece of hardware that I brought over from my old rig was that Dell monitor. Give me some credit! 

  • Simon Edwards

    Fliqu or something it’s a screensaver

  • Randall Littleton

    They need one of those iMac Lamps!

  • Shanny Becerra

    I was wondering the same thing, it looks so nice!

  • Sokkerstud_11

    Can anyone tell me what brand/product those macbook (pro) stands are that tilt them up toward you?

  • HerbalEd

    Yes us do.

  • Bicuyuuba

    how gay

  • Jev

    All of the secrets of Mauro’s work area revealed:

  • saint

    Finally found it: Ottlite Slimline Table Lamp

  • TauZer0

    Nice touch on that Roomba, on edgefactor627’s pic! Great way to ceep our Mac’s crib neat! ;)

    (mine usually docks under the bed heheh)

  • dataghoul

    great Mac setups!

  • Theyseeyoutrollin

    Nyxolyno: I wish I had a $1300 clock.

  • Mauro Ruiz

    I’m glad you like them ^_^. They’re Jaybird SB2’s.

  • Mauro Ruiz

    You think so? XD.

  • Mauro Ruiz

    It’s called the mStand.

  • Mauro Ruiz

    Not just that, the quality of light is brilliant. I was blown away and ended up ordering some T8’s directly from OttLite.

  • Mauro Ruiz

    Thanks ^_^, I got it at Office Depot.

  • Sokkerstud_11

    Perfect — thanks!

  • Bentribble

    Whats the name of the clock app on the Macbook screen in Mauro Ruiz’s setup?