Pretty Much No One’s Using The iPad 2’s “Much Anticipated” Camera [Flickr]


Credit: Flickr user atmtx (
Credit: Flickr user atmtx (

So after all the complaining and all the controversy about Apple’s decision to eschew a camera in the first-gen iPad, how many people are actually using it now that a camera comes equipped in the iPad 2?

Almost no one… at least on Flickr.

According to data culled together by the guys over at Electric Pig, just 22 Flickr users out of more than 40 million are actually using their iPad 2’s camera to take snapshots.

That makes the iPad 2 more than two hundred times less popular than the iPhone 4. Still, at least the iPad 2 photographers are prolific: they’ve already managed to rack up 12,570 photo uploads between them.

Why isn’t the iPad 2 catching on as a photography device? Most likely because the ergonomics of taking a screenshot with a gadget the size of a photo album doesn’t make sense, although I’m guessing the fact that the iPad 2’s camera quality totally blows has something else to do with it.