Apple Gear Gives New Life to Classical Figures



California sculptor Adam Reeder is working on series of neo-classical pieces he calls Socio-technic Evolution, that depict Greco-Roman gods, combined with technological objects to illustrate the concept of how technology changes the way western culture interacts with its world.

He chose figures from the Greco-Roman period because it lies at the root of western civilization; he chose Apple products to depict the influence of technology because, well, they do.

“My work is not about the change [itself] that takes place,” Reeder explained, “but the change in interaction, facilitated by technology.”

Pan with his iPod player is the first in the series. It won first place in the spring show at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, and has been selected for showing at the TEXAS NATIONAL 2009 Exhibition. After that it will go to the “art building” in Los Angeles, and then to SoHo.

“The Greek god Pan played his flute in the woods and danced with nymphs,” says Reeder, adding, “my depiction shows Pan, still dancing as before, but no longer playing his own music. Thus, the technology changes the context, but not the nature” of the classical image.

Reeder explains further that the work is not about consumerism, or commercialism, it is about how technology changes the ways in which Western culture interacts with its world.

Among the images in the gallery below, Reeder’s unfinished Atlas is planned to hold a large-scale iPhone.

panwithipod Nano Sculpture Base
Unfinished Atlas Zeus, Calling Down the Thunder

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