Celebrate the Royal Wedding with the Royal iPhone Collection


Royal iPhone Collection

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Royal Wedding Memorabilia yet, and want something that lasts and communicates your feelings, consider the Royal iPhone Collection from Goldgenie. The 32GB Royal iPhone is available in three versions – Platinum, 18 Ct. Gold and Rose Gold and includes a VS1 8.50 ct. diamond and sapphire bezel and embellished Apple logo.

According to Goldgenie, the bezel is set with sapphire and diamonds similar to the late Princes Diana’s wedding ring. Only 50 pieces will be offered for sale.


Pricing befits the Royal Occasion: the Platinum version is £23,050 ($38,400), Gold £20,050 ($34,150) and Rose£20,100 ($33,500). Don’t Wait – Operators are Standing By!

[via Born Rich]

  • John Marshall

    If you have money, this isn’t a bad price. What’s a little ridiculous though is the soon to be obsolete tech the jewels are attached to. It reminds me of a business that used to sell furniture with a pc built into it (at a huge price premium of course). Somewhere, someone has a nice sofa with a 486SX33 buried in it.

  • realitycheck

    what a waste of money. you should choke if you buy this one because you’ve no sense of reality.

  • Chris

    for that price I want my own name on that thing!

  • applemoney

    These iPhones are only for the Royal Family. No ordinary people can afford them. I’ll rather have an iPhone with the sexy image of singer Rihanna on the back.

  • iphoneglance

    What the hell, £23,000 you having a laugh. I could buy a Range Rover sport for that