Win These UrbanEar Plattan Headphones—We’re Giving Away Two! [Updated]



[Update] Thanks to everyone who subscribed and commented, tons of really great comments, I had a fun time reading them all! The two winners are below, if you’re one of them, I’ll be contacting you via Youtube. Stay tuned for another great giveaway next Tuesday!


  • AGreatDane123, against all odds, you got the first qualified comment in. I applaud you sir, you are a winner. Congrats!
  • Anthonypeter, it is for pity that I choose you, for no one should go through life not having won anything. Congrats!

Still rollerskating around in your short-shorts with tunes blaring on the headphones that came with your original Walkman? Tsk tsk… Everyone knows that’s a look that won’t be hip again for at least another 5 years.

Alas, we here at CoM can’t help you with the short-shorts issue, but we can help you get some hip new headphones from the current century.

I reviewed these svelte, sexy, great sounding UrbanEars Plattan headphones a few weeks back. And now, with minimal effort, you can enter to win a pair of your very own.

All you need to do to enter to win are these simple things:

  1. Be a U.S. resident, sorry international friends!
  2. Visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel
  3. Leave a comment below with your Youtube username

Winners announced here in this post on Friday!

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231 responses to “Win These UrbanEar Plattan Headphones—We’re Giving Away Two! [Updated]”

  1. twitter-19413173 says:

    Europe hates you right now

  2. Doorsunopened says:

    My youtube username is doorsunoened

  3. The Gallery says:

    woo! username: thegallerymusic

  4. Benjamin Weber says:

    youtube name is webearable. Thanks!

  5. Emilydavis83 says:

    username is emilydavis83…Thanks!!!

  6. tenkabuto says:

    Subscribed to your YouTube channel and my YouTube username: tenkabuto

  7. jarred3000 says:

    Erfon Erfon Erfon, I need these brother more than a fat kid needs cake! the username: buflobilz ; please don’t not choose me cause of the username, i was raised a bills fan :(

  8. Zach K. says:

    Yotube name: theangrypedestrian

  9. BT Gilligan says:

    Just subscribed. My name is splazzatch.

  10. pink2 says:

    My username on youtube is bbbaddictakapink2

  11. Francisco says:

    My username is kikofoshoyo

  12. AlterThending says:

    N8thanh4ndy is my youtube name! Good luck all!

  13. Glenn MacDonald says:

    youtube name—-rockstardoug

    Time to rock out old school style.

  14. jimlat says:


  15. Chibiforte says:

    YouTube name: CFWesley

  16. Jackson Myers says:

    My username on YouTube is jaxmyers.

  17. Whiteness81224 says:


  18. Jeff DeWolfe says:

    MILF! Love the shirt.
    YouTube username: chevyman142000

  19. Scott. says:

    user lungstruck

  20. Anthonypeter says:… i am sooooo tired of my headphone please helppppppppppppppppppp meeeee and i have never won a thing in my life pleaseeeee

  21. nickhaddady says:


    A post at 6am! Were you up all night listening on your Plattan’s? Do you have an infant? Do you have an early meeting with Steve Balmer?

    These seriously look sweet, I’d love to have a pair.

    My youtube username is nickhaddady.

  22. Francesco says:

    Sorry international friends? WTF!

  23. Robert Pruitt says:

    Youtube: robpruitt
    I hope I win, the headphones look sweet!

  24. BearsFan34 says:

    YouTube user name: JaxBearsFan

  25. Matt Sokoloff says:


  26. Mmaso says:

    User: godsavegravy

    I need some sweet new headphones to listen to Rebecca Black…fun fun fun

  27. Ahmed Alkhuzae says:

    i moved my eye around my room , and spotted 29 green items ,,

    green is my favorite color and ive been seeing these forever in a store and i just dream of geting them
    , ive never won anything online please let me win :)

    and i saw the video , so many awesome featues i didnt even know about ,
    now i want it even mooooooore

    youtube acount ,,,,

  28. hikeeveryday says:


    How about some roller skates to go with them?

  29. Joe says:

    joecbkb is my username, Roller Boogie is my game.

  30. Deuk1219 says:

    my youtube username is deuk1219
    I need sum headfones fo mah earzz

  31. Don Burroughs says:

    I link to cultofmactv,? therefore I am!!! Thanks for keeping me informed! Love your website and youtube channel. Hopefully someone deserving will win!

    My youtube username is ddburr

  32. SweetestDeals says:

    My YouTube username is ‘SweetestDeals’. We’re supposed to say something funny, huh? How ’bout a clever quote?
    “I didn’t discover curves; I only uncovered them.”
    ~ Mae West

  33. petester says:

    Awesome contest! Youtube name is evilredhed. Give me some headphonez!

  34. Ryan Stoddard says:

    Cult of Mac + UrbanEars + youtuber @stoddawg = A powerful force way cooler then a grizzly riding a killer whale, seriously.

  35. Gaurav says:

    Love CoM .. youtube uname – tann81

  36. Bollamonster says:

    AWESOME giveaway! This is WAY BETTER than winning the Irish Lottery (still waiting for my $$$ from THAT one). YouTube name is Bollamonster, thanks for looking!

  37. clarks says:

    wclarks10 … ya want my turtle’s username too?

  38. Andy says:

    Great idea. Tried for the cables and wasn’t unique enough :( Maybe second times the charm!

    Youtube username: ahill121

  39. Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz says:

    A pair of green headphones would come in handy, so people could spot me at night. Or is that a bad thing? Hmmm…


  40. Daniel Leininger says:

    I would love to have a chance to win these sweet looking headphones! I’ve been wanting to upgrade from the white uncomfortable white ones apple gave me! My youtube username is “dleininger89”. THANKS!

  41. prometheus1981 says:

    Awesome! I totally like wanna be all hipster and shit! so like send me a pair (youtube id = rgaspary).
    I might also use them with my green spandex suit at my school’s football games! –

  42. milesmclessa says:

    I might need both pairs to keep my conjoined second head doesn’t get jealous.
    It’s already looking at me sideways…
    youtube name: milesmclessa

  43. Michael Zamora says:

    I don’t like paying for things, so please give them away to me.
    username: iMikeZamora

  44. Ben Leeming says:

    i’m GREEN with envy for these headphones!!! pick me!! pick me !! pick me!
    signed, Kermit the Frog (youtube: zoom381)

  45. andymcclung says:

    Erfon, my YouTube username is andymcclung.

    Where I live (off the beaten path KY) I have a funny wrap with the local country folk since I seem to be the only person with internet and any tech knowledge. I need these headphones to listen to audio books and music while mowing many acres on the tractor. I will be spending a lot of time on it this summer and could use them greatly. I also mow in surf shorts, sandals and a straw hat which is different than jeans and cowboy boots like everyone else. I might as well add orange headphones to match, right?

    I would get orange to match the orange tractor. Ha.

  46. Eric Lott says:

    these look interesting. youtube = eze829

  47. facebook-18100863 says:

    not gonna lie – pretty excited for these – hahaha – nice reviews btw – daveboyd is my yt username

  48. ricsimmonds says:

    I bought a pair based on your review and really love them.
    They’re elegant and provide great sound.

  49. Amy Jo Russell says:

    Youtube: doamyjo

    I would break my neck doing the roller boggie but I would love them for doing yard work in my five finger shoes.

  50. Heath says:

    my youtube name is heathplumb

  51. Thekagey1 says:

    Erfon, hey.

    You must have seen me in the park this past weekend while I was walking Sophie. Embarrassingly enough, I still use the “came with” set of head phones that came with my iPhone. Aren’t you so nice to think of passing along these give away head phones along to your subscribers rather than keeping them for yourself or giving them to your buds. That’s just plain awesome. Who does that these days?

    Your podcast was refreshing. You are bubbly, upbeat and you smile and you seem very friendly. Not like a nerdy, stone faced mono toned podcaster. Characteristics you portray you don’t often see in other podcasts these days. Keep up the “original” you look. You have a new big fan in me.

    Good luck in everything,

    YouTube user name is: thekagey1

  52. Keithraimondi says:

    I still love them
    Youtube keithraimondi

  53. Keithraimondi says:

    I still love them
    Youtube keithraimondi

  54. AGreatDane123 says:

    These UrbanEars Plattan headphones would really come in handy for me. I have been using one pair of headphones between my Mac and my iPod Touch. And, if I win these, I won’t have to worry about where my one pair of headphones are.

    Plus, using the UrbanEars Plattan headphones in public would make me look cool, and I will tell everyone that I won them at the best Apple news site ever – Cult Of Mac!

    My YouTube name is AGreatDane123 .

  55. cakey says:

    Ogdenification be my youtube name

  56. Grugly says:


    Love the site, love the shirt and the headphone review was nice. Makes me want the cans even more!!

    youtube: GruglyFitness

  57. cakey says:

    something funny (cause you in the video above said to)

  58. Michael Clapp says:

    username: ocfan140

    Hey, come on. I love my “short-shorts issue” and these headphones would be a great compliment to my blinding white thighs!!

  59. Alxsco says:

    great giveaway!!!

    youtube name: alxsco

  60. Eric Mullis says:

    I’ve been looking for a good pair of headphones and these look amazing.

    Youtube : eric92978

  61. jgr627 says:

    whoa could really use a pair of these with my iPhone 4

    My YouTube name is jgr627

  62. Ryan Burch says:

    I would love those!

    YouTube username: burchra1

  63. Trevor says:

    I’m a headphone orphan! And these look fantastic!

    YouTube: TMisisco

  64. CRodBlogs says:

    A pair of Blue Plattan headphones and that MILF T-shirt would look great on me, Mr. MightTees!

    YouTube username: CRodBlogs

  65. iHate_Is_Back says:

    Dude if you’re going to give away headphones then at least give away some good headphones. UrbanEars rate up there alongside, Beats, FannyWang, and SkullCandy as complete overpriced crap.

  66. Park says:

    Here’s to Lady Luck

    Username: ppzheng

  67. ilovejackiechan says:

    Youtube name: ilovejackiechan

    Moving to Korea in a couple months and I can sport those bad boys in STL before I move, Korea when I get there, and in the air as I travel! And if anyone asks me where I got the headphones… cultofmac baby! The only source for your mac-ing pleasure.

  68. Salman Arif 13 says:

    YouTube: fishy7988

  69. jayman720 says:

    Don’t tell me I’ll finally be able to ditch my stock ear buds?!?! I’d LOVE these!

    YouTube: Jayman720

    Keep up the good work!

  70. brent guiliano says:

    youtube: brentg33

  71. Gannon Burgett says:

    Great contest!


  72. Bluefaolan says:

    I am bluefaolan on youtube, and I want these headphones to help my green obsessed gf get some more green in her life.

  73. Harrison Davis says:

    These headphones are awesome! i just made a youtube channel, and was surfing around the web when i saw this post! What a coincidence that my account name is elephantheadphones and my youtube profile picture is of headphones! My name is elephantheadphones because people say the headphones on the t-shirt look like an elephant in some way. Anyway, I think these are some awesome headphones and that this was such a coincidence! I want them…

  74. Iphongus says:

    I want these freaking nice headphones!!!! I NEED THEM NOW!! PLEASE PICK ME!!! ;( Not that I’m desperate or anything. :)
    Username: sirphongus

  75. Blake4x4 says:

    WOW Ive never heard sound through anything but rural ears before. Ill bet hearing through urban ears sounds cool. Thanks
    BWDinc on YT

  76. Ben Mouch says:

    Gosh I have been thinking of getting a pair of headphones for a while now, but better to get headphones hopefully for free!
    youtube: pyromaster222

  77. Muley says:


    username: rustybeast

  78. Adam says:

    Very nice. I NEED a new pair of headphones. My only pair just broke.

    YouTube username: QuietRiot3000

  79. Katelinna says:

    YouTube: KatelinnaChristina

  80. jffcrmr says:

    Music nut, would love to have a pair of UrbanEars! YouTube username : jffcrmr

  81. Alpha Giovanni Rotinsulu says:

    Subscribed !! Pick me pick me pick me ! ^-^

    —->>>>> y o u t u b e u s e r n a m e: Rx3alpha <<<<<——

  82. Holden says:


  83. TKHines1 says:

    Has anybody noticed that on American Idol everybody sporting “beats”:by Dr. Dre, headphones & microphones (hats, t-shirts, etc…)? Now I’m a huge Dr. Dre fan (The Chronic is arguably the best Rap Album made to date), but I can’t afford to buy Dr. Dre products. Hook-me up with the headphone, I’ll let you plug-in, and vibe off of Dre with me. “Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride, hell yeah…”

  84. Michael Carnell says:

    Sweet! Have subscribed to you – user name carnellm. But, Roller Boogie???

  85. erfon elijah says:

    you guys are hilarious, keep the comments coming, i’m reading through ALL of them!

  86. William says:

    Youtube name – wmnoe

  87. Khrbt Zyd says:

    Username: ZydKhrbt

    A couple of friends are out in the woods hunting when one of them suddenly falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing,
    The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls 911. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can I do?”
    The operator, in a calm voice, says: “Just take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”
    There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy’s voice comes back on the line. He says: “Okay, now what?”

    Hope that made you laugh! Would love a pair of headphones!


  88. GoodGameGet says:

    I gave away my Cult of Mac book to a high school English & Drama teacher that I had helped switch to a Mac.

    Not too funny, but I guess what made it kind of funny was that it was my ONLY copy and I didn’t have any money to buy another copy for her, so I just gave her that one. She just thought it was a new gift.

    Either way, I hope it’s sitting on a table next to her Mac down in Florida somewhere! I loved that book, and the whole scene just feels so different now when compared to what Leander captured.

    I’ve always wanted a pair of high quality headphones, especially since I’ve never really been able to find any ear buds that don’t hurt my ears.

    YouTube s/n: ColorCrusader

  89. Erik Scottberg says:

    Youtube username “scottbergfamily.”

    I’d love to win a pair of those short shorts.

    ….wait this is for headphones? Eh, whatever!

  90. Ames says:

    coolness! YT acct is AimeeAmes

  91. Aber1Kanobee says:

    These look sick…

    YouTube = Aber1Kanobee

  92. vinceviloria says:

    I’d love those headphones. I’m vinceviloria on YouTube.

  93. Michael Crane says:

    ooh shiny “meekrokcrane”

  94. Michael Crane says:

    ooh shiny “meekrokcrane”

  95. Chris Denney says:

    Youtube username BigEarl325is

  96. ArM4ND01 says:

    Are they really that funky green?

  97. Xxnick0424 says:

    username: xxnick0424
    sick shirt lol i would love to win these? because my standard ipod earbuds recently took a shit and these would be? a great improvement! thanks for doing this!

  98. Xxnick0424 says:

    username: xxnick0424
    sick shirt lol i would love to win these? because my standard ipod earbuds recently took a shit and these would be? a great improvement! thanks for doing this!

  99. Brandonp27 says:

    YouTube Username: MrBrandonp27

  100. Antwonlishus says:


    These seem really cool! Your review has made me?? want them pretty bad.

  101. ar098 says:


  102. Evan Mississippi Carrillo says:


    I totally love the way these headphones look!! i would be unicycling instead of rollerblading though. i would put up a video of that just for you Elijah!

    hope i win!!

  103. Spencer Riley says:

    Hey there CoM!

    I was talking to my iPhone the other day and she told me that something was missing from our lives. Something awesome. Something…hipster. I couldn’t agree more. So I told Barbara that if she wouldn’t drop a call or lose a 3G signal for three days straight, I would get her a pair of totally awesome Plattan Headphones.Well, she did it. I can’t afford them right now though as college life is unkind to my wallet. I don’t want to let her down. Please help us out. She’ll be thrilled!

    YouTube Username: SRiley2291

  104. Xxnick0424 says:

    username: xxnick0424
    sick shirt lol i would love to win these? because my standard ipod earbuds recently took a shit and these would be? a great improvement! thanks for doing this!

  105. AGreatDane123 says:

    Yes !!!!!!

    People really do win these contests !!!!!!!!

    I look forward to hearing from you, Erfon !!!!!!!!!

    And I look forward to jamming with the UrbanEar Plattan headphones !!!!!

  106. Jim3dwards says:

    Did you hear about the cannibal?

    He had a wife and eight kids.

    YouTube username: JimboEdo

  107. Michael Lee says:

    My wife couldn’t figure out how to set up speakers for the home theater system, so she used my sennheiser headphones to fill the room. Needless to say my headphones are shot. I would love a pair of Urban Ears as a replacement. I will keep them away from her in the future.



  108. Michael Lee says:

    BTW: Youtube is mlee1118

  109. Khrbt Zyd says:

    If you end up getting a third pair, please let me know!

    Youtube: ZydKhrbt

  110. donfelipe says:

    I like these headphones and want to be the winner.

  111. DeJuanBoyd says:

    WOW! Great Giveaway!


    YouTube Username – Rabbittpro

  112. Anthony Peter says:

    yeeeeeeeeeesss thank you thank you Erfon Cult Of Mac! rocks you have made my day sir

  113. Joe Skardis says:

    Cool! I could always use another pair of headphones. The green color looks like a winner. My Youtube user name is: jonasskardis

  114. Chas Lum says:

    Find me at YouTube Channel: chaslum
    Twitter: ChasLum

  115. charlie edwards says:

    Damn I was out raising money for Relay For Life and I missed the competition. I even had an awesome comment about the MILF Tshirt. Did I hear you really have a 3rd pair? ce21106

  116. Eriksarnstrom says:

    Username: sarnstrom3

    Get those things on my EARS!

  117. Bombbrandz says:


    yoyoyoyoyo my username is BMdizzie. and i really want these headphones!! contactt mee! please or email me at

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