Sprint’s Unintentionally Hilarious Anti-iPhone Talking Points



Sprint made quite a buzz online today when a list of anti-iPhone talking points it provided to its sales associates got leaked to the web. It’s a mostly futile attempt to make Sprint’s suddenly long-in-the-tooth phones seem sprightly and futuristic. For example, in response to a customer interested in using the iPhone as an iPod, Sprint crafted these gems:

“¢ “We have many handsets that are MP3 players.”¢ “
“¢ “You want to have music with your phone? Let me show you the new Upstage or the Fusic II.”

Whoa, eat it, Apple! Sprint has a phone that’s twice as good as the LG Fusic! I mean, look at the original: It’s almost unimprovable.

Or check this out: Even though most other SmartPhones only come with 64 to 128 MB of storage, compared with the iPhone’s 4 to 8 GB, the former are clearly superior, because they have the ability to accept external memory cards. Check it,G!

  • “Did you know that many of our phones offer external storage? Unlike the iPhone, which is only available in 4G or 8G, our phones offer unlimited storage.”

Wow, who knew that the ability to accept storage media was the same as unlimited storage! Under that definition, the original Apple II had unlimited storage – it could record data to as many cassette tapes as you could possibly provide. It’s like Sprint is living in the future!

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6 responses to “Sprint’s Unintentionally Hilarious Anti-iPhone Talking Points”

  1. Paul says:

    I have a collection of old phones, and the only ones that look dated are the more recent ones. The really old ones, especially the euro models that were never sold in the US have a quirky appeal, kind of like 8-track tape players.

    All Sprint needs to do is forget about these horribly unstylish and obsolete phones that they’re currently selling and resurrect models from 5 to 10 years ago — then they could reduce their prices, sell nothing but basic phone service, and advertise it as high style street retro. Since they aren’t getting any iPhones, this may be the only strategy that will keep them in business.

    See: http://thewaythingsare.typepad… for more on why the iPhone will disrupt everything in its path.

  2. Scott says:

    You act as if the iPhone is the end all, be all of cellular phones. While it comes packed with incredible features, it too has its own shortcomings. The iPhone is not necessarily the right phone for everyone, and Sprint needs to capitalize on this fact and emphasize the power of its product line. You can’t criticize them for doing so. Put another way, it’s like lambasting a Kia car for not having the features a Lexus does. The Kia dealer obviously knows this, so his talking points will be about cost difference and how his car can still perform some of the same basic functions the Lexus can. It’s just stupid and immature to criticize them.

  3. John says:

    I agree with Scott, the Apple Iphone is out now and guess what, it’s got it’s own problems. I own a Fusic and I find it quite capable as a phone, mp3 player and a EV-DO modem. In fact, I feel its the best phone I’ve owned to date. So go ahead and get your Iphone but don’t forget to wash your greasy hands before you smear up your display so you can call your crappy service provider to find out when they will be offering EV-DO rev A. services in your area.