Wrap Your Mac In Authentic Tartan



Over at Etsy, Jositajosi is selling a selection of lovely hand-sewn cases for MacBook Air and iPad, using authentic Scottish tartans.

The designers (based in the Basque region of Spain) told me their work began back in 2008, when they went looking for cases and found only “a depressing plethora of cheap, mass-produced, plastic, low quality products.”

The brand name “jositajosi” comes from a popular Basque children’s song about sewing. means “sewing & sewing” in Basque language.

Tartan covers

And why Scottish tartans?

“We’ve always been fascinated by classic, elegant, timeless, high quality materials, and our customers have told us many times that they agree. When we started to brainstorm designs and fabrics for our new products, we decided to recover this traditional feeling that only patterns that have been in use literally for centuries can generate.”

The cases have a soft inner lining to protect your device, and a Velcro-fastening flap at one end. The Air case will cost you $70, or you can pick up an iPad one for $30.

  • FenTiger

    Looks less tartan and more Burberry Chav to me…

  • ivan_b

    Wikipedia says that Burberry tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. They could have used any other one for this case, but why ripping off Burberry?

  • gilest

    They have quite a variety of fabrics on offer; I’ve added an additional picture to make it a little clearer.

  • randison

    This is a really elegant wrap. It makes me feel like I am in ancient Scotland and playing bagpipes. lol Thanks for sharing this one. This is really useful.

  • begoesti

    Hi everybody,

    My name is Bego Sanchez and I’m one of the founders of this small adventure called jositajosi :).

    @Giles Thank you very much for the nice article!

    @Randy Thanks too for your kind words about our sleeves. That was exactly the feeling we wanted to create when someone see this new product line :).

    @Ivan Let me explain a few points:

    1) Our product is obviously not a rip-off the Burberry products. In terms of branding, design and distribution our product is clearly distinguished as a jositajosi product. We have never referred either directly or indirectly any other company brand.

    2) We buy our fabrics in authorized, high quality providers, that in the countries where the trademark is effective are paying to licensing the pattern to the trademark owners.

    3) Trademarks are not universal, so although we don’t know exactly in which countries Burberry has registered their pattern -a costly process in many countries-, we’re pretty sure that selling in more +30 countries around the world the trademark is non existent on many of them.

    4 ) We found totally ridiculous that a few colors and stripes pattern *can* be trademarked *and* that this trademark is still considered valid more than a century after is registration. I wonder what would the scottish families do with their own traditional patterns if the British Patent Office allow a company today to register any of those tartan pattern. Ridiculous.

    @Fen Well, what can we say… not everybody relates a stripes pattern to Chavers :)…

  • Scotty

    Help ma kilt! These things are expensive!

  • FenTiger

    Hi Bego

    I realise your pattern isn’t exactly the Burberry pattern, but the original photo Giles put up did rather look like it to my untrained eye, and I couldn’t help myself!

    Good luck with your cases