Tech News: Bearded Man Reveals Holy Tablet


bearded man reveals holy tablet
Image Source: The Register

As the frenzy commences on iPad 2 Friday, this image from The Register last week seems to sum up the zeitgeist of the moment nicely. Apple launch days are always amazing. Got your new iPad yet?

I plan to wait a bit myself. But that’s what I said when the original iPad came out too, that didn’t last long…

[via The Register]

  • Mauro Francis

    That’s a bit much… sacrilegious even.

  • kingv84

    I still find it funny.

  • Adam Rosen

    No offense intended, the image just gave me a good laugh. Meant in good spirit…

  • Mauro Francis

    Haha no worries, it is humorous, but at the same time can make people think the wrong thing.

    btw great job you guys over there at CoM, mainly the only reason i stay on twitter hahah to see your updates.

  • Commission Crusher

    A 24 year old millionaire who travels the world whenever he pleases, drives his own fully-loaded Audi TT coupe sports car and lives in a fully-paid luxury condo on the lakeside of downtown Toronto, Canada and most importantly, a fully-loaded bank account.

  • obamapacman

    The register did NOT make the graphic:

  • Odd News

    It’s little bit funny.

  • alucia

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