Confirmed: Next-gen iPhone to sport dual-core A5




It’s now confirmed that the next-generation iPhone (supposedly to be called the iPhone 5), will feature Apple’s dual-core A5 chip, running at 1GHz. Continue reading to find out how this was found.

It’s quite simple. Earlier today, Apple released iOS 4.3 to the public. They’ve also uploaded the 3 firmwares (IPSWs) for the iPad 2: WiFi, GSM, CDMA. Inside each of these firmwares are the usual kernelcache files, one for each device. Apple also decided to include the kernelcache for the next iPhone (“codemodel”: N94; the iPhone 4 (GSM) is N90, and the iPhone 4 (CDMA) is N92). After opening it in a hex editor, the processor was quickly found near the very bottom. It reads: S5L8940

So there you have it folks. The next-generation iPhone will run Apple’s A5 chip.

What I find funny is how other blogs are calling this a “ripped apart” find. All it took was a download and an opening of a file in a hex editor. The process took about 10 seconds (after the original IPSW was downloaded, of course).

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  • tristanp

    Obvious news is obvious.

  • Cason

    Did you just rip this story off after finding out about the method and try and pass it off as your own without giving credit where credit was due? Any story, information, or idea that does not ORIGINATE from your own brain should be given credit….I thought Cult of Mac was better than this

  • manuel

    @Edward Roco- What is your deal bro? We come to tech sites like this to find out information about the Apple products we all love not to criticize the website or the author. I am not trying to be a jerk but come on man what does your comment have anything to do with the next gen iphone or anything in context to that? These guys who write these stories give us all something to look forward to reading and should be thanked if anything. Try and say something positive next time instead pal. Hope you did not take this the wrong way.

  • Cason

    manuel, don’t take this the wrong way “bro” but when someone rips off something that I originally figure out and write about, then tries to portray it like he figured it out all on his own when he clearly didn’t, that ticks me off. Journalism is all about giving the most unbiased view point possible and quoting your sources that helped you obtain any information that you didn’t come by on your own. If you go to work one day and someone takes credit for something you did do you enjoy that? neither do I. All I’m asking is for the normal decency that all reputable websites try to operate under.

  • manuel

    Edward- I completely understand your point of view and I can see how one would be ticked off when someone might take credit for someone elses work but asking for credit when credit is due could be asked in a more respectable manner. Im sure Mr. Brian Sweet would be more than willing to give credit if asked rather than feeling attacked. Were all here for our love of Apple and our excitement of the next generation iphone, lets have a cool discussion about that rather than arguing over a computer screen.

  • Lonnie Lazar

    @Edward Roco you should feel free to link to your original post in comments if you are the person who discovered this information. It’s generally CoM policy to link to sources but it’s uncertain when or if Brian will be back here to check these comments and I’m sure all readers would be interested in getting the original information. Thanks.

  • DrM47145

    Was anybody expecting anything different?

  • vm

    I want to repeat these steps, but can’t find your site or post on it, Edward. Brian’s post doesn’t really help either. I’ve unzipped the IPSW for the 4.3 ipsw, but I do not see N94 in it in order to open with the hex editor.

    Any advice for someone who wants to learn?

  • Dom

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  • Dom

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  • besweeet

    For whatever reason, my comments weren’t showing up.

    Anyway, I’ll be more than happy to give credit where it’s due, but this post doesn’t need any crediting. I saw a number of people on my Twitter timeline talking about S5L8940 showing up somewhere. I automatically knew what was going on, so I whipped this post up. I then took some time to see what the other blogs were saying about it before I published it.

    There you go. The post will NOT be modified.

  • besweeet

    You have to take the kernelcache for N94 from one of the three iPad 2 firmwares. Google “iPod firmware”, and click on the first result to get it.

  • besweeet

    I’ve been leaving comments, but for whatever reason, they weren’t published.

    Anyway, I’ll give credit when and where it’s due, but this post doesn’t need any credit (nor will it be modified to include any).

  • vm

    In the iPad 4.3 ipsw, there are kernelcache for n90, n81, and k48. Where is the n94?

  • Cason

    then you should be giving credit to the Tweets that alerted you to how to do it, just like,, and did on their posts about this same thing. It wasn’t you that found it out so any ethical journalist would give credit in their article stating where they found out the information.

  • Ibody

    Who cares if Edward Roco takes it the wrong way, his suffering attitude belies all rationale in regards to the iPone, regardless which chip it will eventually hold within its belly.

  • Cason

    “I’ll give credit when and where it’s due, but this post doesn’t need any credit”

    bullshit! you’re such an arrogant little bastard who thinks he’s some kind of tech savant but you really just rip off the work of others and claim it as your own. Then when you get caught you act incredulous and refuse to apologize or recognize your error.

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  • NonSense

    Did anybody notice? The find was executed with a Windows application? Where is the cult of Mac? :-p

  • besweeet

    I’m no longer a Mac user :). Well, I still have OS X hanging around, but rarely use it. I have my [long list of] reasons.

  • vivek_paliwal

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