Apple Employees Flaunting iPhones in Public Like Crazy



In case you haven’t heard, this weekend marked the iPhone’s coming out party. Though the iPhone actually goes on sale this Friday, Apple employees decided to take the iPhone out into the world one week early. How do I know? Two personal acquaintances ran into Apple folks breaking out their 3-in-1 revolutionary devices in San Francisco on Saturday.

One works in a retail store and saw the iPhone-bearer pull out the device when he couldn’t remember the name of a book he was looking for. He was very careful not to show the screen. It was a discrete way to show off.

At the other end of the spectrum lies the doofus in the skull t-shirt above. A friend of mine caught him at a party. Check his texts about it:

I’m at this party with a bunch of [company name deleted] people, and this dude from apple is conspicuously busting out his iphone.

After I requested the photo you see above, here’s the note of his reply:

Someone told me not to do it bc he could get in trouble… Well maybe he shouldn’t be flashing it around at a party! I refuse to jock even though it’s a research op.

That’s how brazen Apple folks were with their iPhones these days.

  • WraithX

    You have to admit, if you had one, this is your last week to flaunt it – were I in his shoes I would definitely do so. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get in to trouble for it!

  • Androo

    That’s not a skull t-shirt, it’s a Big Lebowski parody of the Obey logo. Sorry, couldn’t let that one slip by unchecked!

  • Marshall

    I don’t think that’s a skull shirt. It looks like it is an ABIDE shirt … as in “the dude abides” … as in The Big Lebowski. It mimics the OBEY giant emblem.

  • Jeffrey

    That’s not a skull shirt, it’s a Big Lebowski shirt. Mark it 8, Dude!

  • a richardson

    That’s not a skull shirt, you doofus, it’s a big Lebowski shirt.

  • Kai

    Hey….that’s not a skull on his shirt…but it looked familiar.just couldn’t put my finger on it until I remembered someone else in San Fran that I knew had (of all things) an iChat buddy icon that looks like it.

    Its a reproduction of a Lebowskifest poster. Do a Google Picture Search for “Abide” of you want to see what it looks like not blurry :)


  • Bobo

    He’s looking to get laid. Plain and simple.

  • YSR50

    just fyi, that’s not a skull shirt, it a Lebowski Fest “ABIDE” shirt.

  • tony

    Just to let you know, the shirt above is actually a rip-off of the infamous Andre the Giant by Shepard Fairey. But instead of Andre, you get The Dude from The Big Lebowski. I believe it says “abide” instead of “obey”.

  • Scott Schiller

    I saw one the weekend before at a coffee shop in San Francisco, someone who was on the team was using his in public. We chatted briefly and the iphone looked smaller than I thought. It was interesting to see one in public, but wasn’t really a big deal.

  • nan nnaa

    I hope he get’s in trouble for it. I hope he gets fired and apple sues his ass!

  • Jeff

    Lets face it, these little sightings only increase everyones curiosity. It can only be good for Apple that they happen to pop up here an there.

  • alex

    Oxymoronically, I don’t they were so much ‘discreetly flaunting’ the iphone as they were following a script.

  • Janet Lerner

    A friend of mine works for Apple, and he has one. They are not allowed to take the iphone out in public, untill the 29th.

  • rob

    that isnt a skull shirt big guy, its a “the dude abides” t-shirt.

  • The Idea Of Progress

    That guy is going to feel really cool for about a week, before he goes back to being considered a Tech Geek.

  • JJayguy23

    Yeah, I hope nothing happens to him.

  • Brandon Thomas

    What’s wrong with that? I don’t consider that “brazen”.

  • Mom

    Boo hoo… I want one, and he has one, and he’s using it, so now I’m going to cry, I mean blog about it.


    I’m sure it’s the only phone he’s carrying, and when he’s gotta use it, he’s gotta use it. If you had one, you’d be using it too, and I bet $20 he wouldn’t be blogging about you, and calling you a doofus.

  • Sandor Sklar

    Dude … that isn’t a skull. That is Walter Sobchak. And this is not Vietnam.

  • Hugo

    You have proved yourselves infinitly baser than those you mock by creating this “hipper than hipper than thou” blog entry. You betray yourself by picking on those whose gadgets you yourself desire. You’d do the same thing, only you’d be more blatent, and then you’d go home and look for blog entries like this one and attempt to make a fool of the person who wrote it. Just give up. You’re wasting all of our time.

  • craig

    iPhone owners will be flaunting it for a lot longer than this week. That’s what it’s about in the first place.

  • fanboIIII

    Why would you out him?
    Not very nice at all , you can not justify that can you?.
    Stupid Adsense whore.

  • charlie

    i think that is a big lebowski t-shirt or at least a shirt of “the dude” with his sunglasses on….

  • Steve Jobs

    I hope he got laid. That trick isn’t going to work for much longer.


  • Bill Gates

    Wait…wait…..I don’t know…I think that t-shirt has nothing to do with the skull…let me google it.. Oh, here we go. It turns out that it is actually a reference to a movie…oh nevermind.

  • Steve Wozniak

    Well, I’m off to the Antartic with Buzz Aldrin in the morning in my sunflower oil powered Hummer and I just wanted to say I got my iPhone today Steve. Looks fantastic!


  • Brennan


    I am sure you can release the iPhone Mini to help the guy get laid in 6 months.

  • Don

    Petemortensen is just jealous that he can’t use it to get laid.

    Careful man there’s a beverage here!

  • Free Nature Photography Wallpa

    Good PR!

  • Marc Moss

    I love that a post about the iPhoone has turned into a slam about the ABIDE shirt. Classic.

    @ fanboIIII

    Dude, (pun not intended, as fanboilll is obviously nowhere near as cool as The Dude) the page has no AdSense on it anywhere.


  • Jordan White

    its not a revolutionary device…and now come the death threats…

    sorry but it doesnt do anything new it just looks cool. thats it. well its crazy expensive. i suppose that should be considered something.


    For a bunch of smart guys, why have you all written the same comment, it makes me think that nobody actually reads, they only care about what they have to say…. hmmm…

  • The Pandora Effect

    i’d see it as an advertising gimmick. issit not?


  • jimmy

    how many people are gonna say “that’s not a skull… thats the abide shirt, dude!”

  • Allan

    I’m sure its just a phone with a REALLY big screen. You get them in Japan all the time. How do I know? Cos I’ve never been there. But my friends uncles cousin’s nephew’s mother-in-law’s second auntie lives there.

  • whatever

    Dude, that’s not a list of comments posted by intelligent people, it’s a list of annoyingly redundant corrective posts by morons who can’t seem to grasp that the post above theirs says the exact same thing, as does the post above that, and the post above that.

  • it’s over.

    we get it! it’s a big lebowski shirt… give Androo the credit and move on!

  • Bill

    I think we all got what that shirt is all about, the next person to comment about it should be shot.

  • RSF

    well *I’d* do him.

  • bobab

    The problem with this world is all this jealousy… you can get a job and be successful and still be jealous because someone has something you can’t have. Please go kill yourself.

  • Drew

    I don’t ever read anyone else’s comments (how could they measure up to my own? I’d just be disappointed) but I don’t think that’s a skull t-shirt, I think it’s actually a Lebowskifest shirt. You’re welcome.

  • Phreqd

    Wow, what a cool dude. Enjoying his little moment in the sun before he becomes bully-bait in a few days. When this phone gets features like all cheap cell phones have right now, I’ll get one. Can’t copy/paste, can’t change the battery, no mp3 ringtones, no stereo bluetooth, etc…

  • Franck

    Another pictures just in front of Apple HQ :

  • JimboFuck

    Oh i see.

  • james brando


  • keepin michigan tough

    Calmer than you are dude.

  • Tuanis

    The shirt is for sale here: http://ballstein.spreadshirt.c