Bluetti EP800 energy storage system backs up your home's power

Back up your home’s power with new Bluetti EP800 energy storage system


The new EP800 system can easily power your home in an outage.
The new EP800 system can easily power your home in an outage.
Photo: Bluetti

Not long after the successful debut of its EP900 system, Bluetti is set to electrify the energy-storage sector again with its powerful new EP800 energy storage system launching September 15.

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Read on to find out what sets the new system apart — and how to use it to back up your home’s power supply. What’s more, you can even try it for free.

Bluetti EP800 Energy Storage System rolls out September 15

Unlike some home power backup systems that connect to the power grid and rely on fossil fuels or solar energy (available only during daylight hours), Bluetti’s EP800 system stores plenty of energy and can work independently of the grid.

What is the EP800, and how is it different from its predecessor, the EP900, which uses the same B500 battery packs? Let’s find out.

EP800 & B500 combo

The Bluetti EP800 and B500 battery combination is a 7,600W modular home energy storage system (ESS). It features 9,000W PV input and scalable capacity from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh. Similar to the EP900, it is widely compatible with existing or future solar systems to help you save on energy bills and prepare for blackouts.

While EP800 is a pure off-grid system, EP900 also supports on-grid connection, which can take months to install, with paperwork and inspections.

Alternatively, EP800’s quick and easy installation makes it crucial for anyone in need of a battery system to pair with a solar setup.

Key features of EP800 system

When the power goes out, Bluetti's EP800 goes on within 20 milliseconds to run all your appliances, big and small.
When the power goes out, Bluetti’s EP800 goes on within 20 milliseconds to run all your appliances, big and small, during peak demand and otherwise.
Photo: Bluetti

1. Flexible capacity from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh

You can tailor energy storage capacity to your specific needs, thanks to the EP800‘s modular design. By choosing two to four B500 battery packs, each providing 4,960Wh, you’ll have a customized capacity ranging from 9,920Wh to a maximum of 19,840Wh.

A recent study showed that a small 10kWh solar ESS can meet backup needs for a three-day outage in nearly all U.S. counties. 19.8kWh EP800 energy storage could get you through a six-day blackout or more when connected to solar panels, or over two days without solar power.

2. Powerful 7,600W output and 9,000W solar input

The EP800 system delivers up to 7,600W power for the whole household. It can run 120V TVs and 240V pumps at the same time with ease.

And with dual maximum power point tracking charge controllers inside, EP800 can maximize solar input at 9,000W, allowing you to easily reach power independence by solar. This also makes it an ideal choice for small businesses, farms and workplaces that are remote from the power grid.

3. Wide solar panel compatibility

EP800 uses DC-coupled connectivity to seamlessly integrate with solar panels. The other main type of electrical system to connect a PV system to storage batteries is AC-coupled connectivity.

Rather than converting solar-generated DC power back and forth to AC power, risking energy loss, a DC-coupled system converts the DC solar power to AC only once, when your home appliances use it. That’s energy efficient.

4. Quick and easy installation indoors or outdoors

Unlike some backup power systems, Bluetti's EP800 is easy to install indoors or outdoors.
Unlike some backup power systems, Bluetti’s EP800 is easy to install indoors or outdoors.
Photo: Bluetti

You can set up EP800 in a few hours thanks to its simple installation, which won’t damage the wall it sits near. You can stack the system vertically, so it doesn’t take up much space. And, with a NEMA 4X rating for resistance to water, dust and corrosion — and quiet operation at less than 50dB — it can go indoors or outdoors.

Alternatively, Bluetti’s team can handle all the on-site work for you.

5. Durable design with 10-year warranty

Designed to be stylish and long-lasting, the EP800 is encased in a durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Using the safest LiFePO4 batteries available, the EP800 could have a at least 10-year lifespan.

It also comes with an advanced BMS that prevents short circuits, overcharging and other potential hazards. Bluetti backs it with a 10-year warranty.

6. Smart operation and easy control

The EP800 can adapt to changing weather conditions, regulating its discharging processes based on ambient temperature through its advanced thermal management technology.

You can use the Bluetti app to monitor system performance, track your power consumption and generation, and adjust settings remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. And OTA updates keep the system updated.

Getting the most out of the EP800 system

EP800 is rated to work even in tough weather conditions.
EP800 is rated to work even in tough weather conditions.
Photo: Bluetti

Get power back in 20 milliseconds

When the power goes out, it takes less than 20ms for the system to switch from grid power to EP800‘s battery. It provides stored power for all your essential appliances, from refrigerators to lights to medical equipment.

An EP800 with two battery packs can power an average refrigerator for four days, or eight days with four packs. So rest easy knowing you won’t have to throw out your steaks and ice cream, even if the power goes out for days.

Enjoy power freedom

Even during power outages, the EP800 system holds enough power in reserve to run your entire home. It can connect to solar panels for a maximum of 9,000W of solar charging.

And battery packs can keep you powered up. Two B500 packs, with 9,920Wh of energy, are equivalent to 3.3 hours of use for a 2,500W air conditioner and 140 hours of lighting (60W), according to Bluetti. Four B500 batteries provide up to 19,840Wh of power, which can keep a 200W freezer going for 84 hours, a 500W washer running for 33.5 hours and a 2,000W oven heating for eight hours.

Good for you and the earth

Bluetti’s EP800 system is an eco-friendly, quiet backup power source that runs on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels like traditional generators.

Unlike gas-powered generators that emit harmful gases, EP800 produces no emissions or noise pollution, making it an environmentally friendly option for powering homes or businesses.

Sign up to try EP800 free for 30 days in Southern California

If you think you might be ready to use EP800 to back up your home's power, you can try it for free.
If you think you might be ready to use EP800 to back up your home’s power, you can try it for free.
Photo: Bluetti

The Bluetti EP800 energy storage system debuts September 15, starting at $5,999. But if you live in Southern California, you might be able to try it for free for 30 days!

Bluetti’s Energy Freedom Program helps households reduce energy bills and achieve power independence. Thirty households with monthly electric bills over $100 can apply for a free trial of the EP800 system for a full month.

After the trial, they can either return the product at no cost or keep it for an incredible 40% off the retail price. All it takes is a few clicks to sign up. Bluetti will take care of everything from shipping to installation.


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