Recession fears could push iPhone 14 launch forward

Recession fears could push iPhone 14 launch forward


iPhone 14 Pro concept in white
Of course, purple won't be the only option.
Concept: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo

Apple’s plan to unveil the iPhone 14 earlier than usual is to get the handset on the market before customers get nervous about buying big-ticket items in a poor economy.

According to a recent unconfirmed report, the 2022 flagship iPhone models will be unveiled in less than three weeks.

iPhone 14 release day is right around the corner

Apple is widely expected to unveil the new iPhones soon. This is a safe bet because it’s brought out new iOS handsets every autumn going back a decade. The timing sets the products up for strong holidays sales.

A report from Wednesday claimed to have the specific date for the iPhone 14 launch: September 7.

That’s earlier than Apple has unveiled its top tier models for many years. And Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities says the timing is about preparing for a worsening economy.

“The global recession risk is still growing and unpredictable, so announcing/shipping the iPhone as soon as possible may minimize the impact of recession risk on demand,” the analyst said via Twitter.

Kuo also pointed out that an earlier launch would be good for Apple’s September-quarter results. A late September debut would put more sales in October, the start of the final quarter of 2022.


It’s possible Apple pushed forward the iPhone 14 debut because of recession fears, but not necessarily.

True, September 7 would be the earliest new flagship iPhones have been announced in many years, but not by much. Almost every top-tier iOS handset has been unveiled in the first half of September going back to at least 2017. The sole exception is 2020, and that delay was pandemic induced.

And the iPhone 14 will supposedly be out earlier in the year than some of its predecessors by a mere three days.

  • iPhone 13: September 14
  • iPhone 12: October 13
  • iPhone 11: September 10
  • iPhone 13: September 10
  • iPhone XR: September 12

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