Verizon iPhone Can’t Do Simultaneous Voice And Data, Just Like Every Other CDMA Phone



Those expecting the 3G limitations of Verizon’s CDMA network to disappear with the iPhone 4’s debut should think again.

Asked whether or not you will lose your data connection when you get a phone call on the iPhone 4, Cook responded: “It’s consistent with other CDMA devices right now.”

That sucks. That means no talking and browsing at the same time, and if you get an incoming call when your 32GB iPhone is working as a mobile hot spot, everyone connected to you will have their signals drop. Bummer.

Asked if this experience would be jarring to those who expected constant voice and data, and asking how Apple could allow this when they are so focused on user experience, Tim Cook paused for a long time before answering, then finally said: ” I think people place different emphasis on things — I can tell you that the number one question I’ve gotten is when will the iPhone work on Verizon. I couldn’t be happier to tell people that. They will make those sorts of tradeoffs.”

In other words, Apple knows this is a problem, but there’s nothing they can do. They aren’t happy about it.