New Samsung Remote Looks Just Like An iPhone 4



In their 2011 lineup of HDTVs, Samsung is throwing a new universal remote into every box with a design you might just have seen somewhere before, since it looks almost exactly like the iPhone 4.

The Samsung RMC30D Universal Touch Control TV Remote may not have the iconic branding of the iPhone and iPod Touch designs that it is so successfully aping, but no matter: it’s still pretty impressive, boasting a three-inch touchscreen display that you can use to control the settings of, navigate content on, program settings for and launch apps on not just Samsung’s televisions, but other sets to boot (albeit with more limited functionality than with Samsung’s own D7000 series).

Some might consider this a fairly shameless swipe, but I love Samsung’s approach here. Presumably what they intend to do here is also launch a series of iPhone and Android remote apps, so that Samsung televisions can be controlled identically on a variety of mobile devices… and if you don’t have a PMP or smartphone yourself, they’ll be more than happy to sell you one of these RMC30D bad boys.

  • Bredprete

    I think South Korean tech companies should be closely watched because they would just copy and improve other companies’ technology then patent it. the likes of hyundai that started with mitsubishi, kia with ford and mazda. even their shipbuilding companies started with the japanese then they slowly improved on their own. Their free trade agreement with europe and USA is onerous. what can the US and EUROPE benefit from a country which so small. they can always find other countries which can trade with their needs, basic one i think. but for sooth korea what can they offer?, cars electronic devise? europe has philips, nokia, siemens, and others, while the us has ford , gm, chevrolet and others. protect your companies by not allowing a small country like south korea mock you with the product they just copied and peddle as their own. they are capitalizing on others product.

  • Lavi

    That’s bullshit! In your opinion what shape a smartphone should have?

  • Guest

    old post, but this must be said;
    even your source (engadget) has updated their post with correct images –
    I guess this would make your whole post pretty much invalid, wouldn’t it.