I got Sherlocked at Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event!


Apple Polishing Cloth sherlocks CultCloth. I did not expect to see this new product in Apple's online store.
I did not expect to see this new product in Apple's online store.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Apple Unleashed event bug Like most of you, I sat glued to my screen Monday during Apple’s “Unleashed” event. I was tickled to see the new MacBook Pros finally revealed — laptops that resurrect tons of useful ports, bring massive performance improvements, and benefit from great battery life (thanks in part to a slightly thicker design).

Excited, I fumbled my way through the preorder process in Apple’s online store. But as I got toward the end, something stopped me dead in my tracks. There, on the screen where Apple presents an array of accessories for the MacBooks, I saw a jaw-dropping product … Apple’s new Polishing Cloth.

You gotta be kidding me. There I sat there, stunned, mouth agape. Tim Cook just Sherlocked me!

Sherlocked by the Apple Polishing Cloth

You see, back in 2015, I launched a high-performance line of cleaning cloths called CultCloth. These beauties are unlike any regular microfiber. They’re premium-grade, high-performance cloths intended to keep your high-end tech, lenses and glasses sparkling clean.

Unlike the cheap garbage cloth you see virtually everywhere else, CultCloths are thick, densely woven, sized to fit your hand, and produced from fibers broken down in expensive mills to drastically increase their surface area. Their cleaning power is unparalleled (as you might have heard me mention on The CultCast a time or three).

And now, on the screen before me, sat Apple’s “performance” cloth, made for cleaning your fancy $5,000 XDR display and $1,000 stand. Gee whiz, what a novel idea. Apple now sells performance-oriented, and moderately overpriced, cleaning cloths to those wanting to keep their Macs and other gear sparkling clean?

That was my idea, Tim Cook!

And here’s my favorite part: TC thinks you’re going to fork out $19 for one Apple Polishing Cloth! Has Tim been hitting the J with Joe Rogan and Elon Musk!?

Get your very own CultCloth

Unlike the Apple Polishing Cloth's oddly restrictive compatibility list, you can use CultCloth for almost any Apple product.
Unlike the Apple Polishing Cloth’s oddly restrictive compatibility list, you can use CultCloth for almost any Apple product.
Photo: CultCloth

Unlike the pricey Apple Polishing Cloth, the CultCloth sells in packs of three for only $22. And for that affordable price, you get several of the best CultCloth styles and sizes. No, I don’t stamp a fancy Apple logo on them like Tim Cook probably does personally for every official Polishing Cloth. But CultCloths are more innovative, more affordable, and will outshine any other cloth.

So here we are. After all these years running America’s favorite Apple podcast, I’ve been Sherlocked, like so many people and products who came before. I never dreamed it would happen to me. But I’m actually feeling pretty good about it.

I mean, look, Apple just affirmed the viability of my product idea. And sure, Cupertino will sell far more than I ever will. But one thing will always be true: CultCloth is the original, the more affordable, the more effective, the more premium way to keep your high-end tech, gadgets, lenses and glasses sparkling clean.

The good news is, you can get your own CultCloth right here, at CultCloth.co. Use code “CultCast” at checkout and I’ll toss in an 8-inch-by-8-inch CarryCloth for free with any order.

Apple definitely stunned me by Sherlocking the CultCloth, but I’m not giving up without a fight!

(Personal note to Tim Cook: You can expect a polite and not too aggressive letter from my legal team!)


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