Gorillaz’s iPad Album Is Now Available For Streaming And Download



Following through with their Yuletide threat, Gorillaz has released their new album, The Fall, over on their official website… an album notable for being both written and recorded almost entirely on the iPad, using downloaded App Store apps.

The apps used in creation of The Fall include Speak It!, SoundyThingie, Mugician, Solo Synth, Synth, Funk Box, Gliss, AmpliTube, Xenon, iElectribe, BS-16i, M3000 HD, Cleartune, iOrgel HD, Olsynth, StudioMiniXI, BassLine, Harmonizer, Dub Siren Pro and Moog Filatron, which are all available for download from the App Store. A few additional instruments were recorded outside of the iPad, but otherwise The Fall doesn’t cheat.

I’ve listened to a few of the tracks, and it’s interesting. It’s pretty clearly an experiment, but we’d expect nothing less of the first album recorded on the iPad… and I expect we’ll see considerable refinement over time. Although the gimmick is that The Fall is an “iPad only” album, what’s important here is that musicians are proving quite capable of fitting the iPad organically into the creative process… and I expect we’ll see a lot of albums in the future which were birthed, at least in part, on an iOS device.

The Fall is freely available for streaming on Gorillaz’s website, but if you want to download it, you’ll need to sign up for their fan club.