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Verizon 4G LTE Modems Hacked To Work On Mac



Verizon has been rolling out its new LTE mobile broadband service across America over the past couple months in a move that is thought to herald the introduction of a future 4G iPhone to their network, presumably next year. Either way, right now, there are no Verizon 4G smartphones… instead, they are selling a series of LTE 4G modems, which are regrettably only for Windows PCs… no Macs accepted.

Luckily, it seems that the plucky hacking community has already managed to put themselves together an unofficial workaround to the situation, bringing 4G support to OS X for the first time… at least for the Pantech UML290.

Needless to say, this hack isn’t going to be officially supported Verizon, but it’s not entirelly unofficial either: it was supposedly put together with a little bit of help from Verizon’s advanced support team. Not only will it work under OS X, it’ll even work on Linux.

Pretty neat. Anyone out there feeling brave enough to give it a shot?