Pablo Escobar’s brother sues Apple for $2.6 billion over a FaceTime bug

Pablo Escobar’s brother sues Apple for $2.6 billion over a FaceTime bug


Escobar previously took on Apple with a rival phone.
Photo: Alexander Schimmeck/Unsplash

In what may be the most unlikely Apple lawsuit since Carl Sagan sued Apple for calling him a “butt-head,” Pablo Escobar’s brother (yes, that Pablo Escobar) has filed suit against the Cupertino tech giant over a FaceTime bug.

As reported by The Next Web, Roberto Escobar’s company Escobar Inc. is suing Apple for $2.6 billion. Escobar claims that he bought an iPhone X because he was told that it was the “most secure phone on the market” and would be subject to no vulnerabilities in the future. And, as per Escobar, this turns out not to be the case.

Roberto Escobar says that he was advised about the iPhone’s security by an Apple support employee. Security was a big concern because of a previous attempted hit on his life. But when a FaceTime vulnerability was discovered, Escobar said he was recipient of several unwanted FaceTime calls. He then received a life-threatening letter early in 2019.

Escobar’s case claims that Apple is guilty of “Breach of Contract,” “Negligence/Negligence Misrepresentation,” and “Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.” He values these, respectively, at $100 million, $500 million, and $2 billion.

Speaking with TNW, Escobar Inc. CEO, Olof Gustafsson, said that the “court has already accepted [the] lawsuit.” Now Apple reportedly has 30 days to respond.

FaceTime isn’t the first time Escobar’s taken on Apple

This is not the first time we’ve covered Roberto Escobar here at Cult of Mac. Late last year, Escobar launched the Escobar Fold 1, a $349 folding Android phone that has been criticized as a scam in some corners. It has since announced the Escobar Fold 2 as well. The first-gen handset took shots at “Apple Boy Steve” in the marketing.