Cops finds stolen iPhones worth $80,000 during traffic stop

Cops seize $80,000 in stolen iPhones during traffic stop in Illinois


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A routine speeding stop led to a trove of hot iPhones.
Photo: Matty Ring/Wikimedia CC

Sheriff’s deputies in Illinois arrested four men after they found 55 stolen iPhones during a traffic stop near Galesburg.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department later determined the phones were fraudulently purchased around the U.S. using stolen identities. Deputies estimated the value of the phones at $80.000.

Deputies seized the iPhones Wednesday night after stopping a car traveling at more than 100 mph on U.S. Highway 34 outside the western Illinois town, according to The Register-Mail of Galesburg.

Deputies found 53 iPhones 11s and two iPhone X Max handsets all in their boxes. Deputies also found several service contracts for the phones, the report said.

They arrested four men on charges of stolen property and identity theft, where booked in the Knox County Jail pending bonds being set.

Henrick I. Botels Gonzalez, 32, of Corona, NY, was also charged for driving more than 35 mph over the posted speed limit. The others arrested were: Jose A Salas Veleza, 22, of Brooklyn, NY; Emily E. Brown 22, of Gettysburg, PA; and Derek M.X. Luntz, 21, also of Gettysburg.