What? Average iPhone User’s Credit Card Statement Is Almost $7,000


Does this data released by Pageonce seem nuts to anyone else? It claims that the average iPhone owner’s average monthly credit card expense is a shocking $6,872 a month.

Okay, yes, that “monthly expense” includes carried balance plus new charges, but jeez… that still seems absurdly high as an average, and I say that as a guy currently carrying more debt than that on his credit card (hey, planning an international move isn’t cheap!)

For that matter, Pageonce’s data on the average monthly mobile phone bill expense seems equally out-of-whack with my presumed reality: they say the average iPhone users spends an average of $164.91 on his wireless bill.

Even including apps and a 24-month subsidy, that just can’t be right…. and unfortunately, Pageonce has no thoughts on the matter themselves, basically throwing up their hands and inviting “hypotheses” from readers.

So informal poll time: how much is your average iPhone bill?