Mount your iPhone anywhere with Xvida's magnificent magnetic cases

Mount your iPhone anywhere with Xvida’s magnificent magnetic cases


Xvida's case and stand makes your iPhone easily visible at all times.
Photo: Xvida

When you want your iPhone to be visible, but you need your hands to do other things, mount your device almost anywhere with Xvida’s brilliant cases.

Built-in magnets allow it to be securely attached to a whole host of metal surfaces, as well as a bunch of companion Xvida accessories — like wireless chargers, stands, car mounts, and more.

Get yours today for from as little as $19.

Stick your iPhone almost anywhere

Whether you’re following a recipe, chatting with a loved one on FaceTime, or keeping an eye on turn-by-turn directions behind the wheel, having a good view of your iPhone — without having to hold it — is essential.

Xvida’s amazing magnetic case gives you that using a bunch of strong magnets that securely attach your iPhone to so many things.

Get Xvida’s magnetic iPhone case today

Like any case worth its price tag, Xvida’s protects your iPhone from scratches and scuffs, as well as accidental drops onto hard surfaces. It’s incredibly well-made, with a slim and lightweight form factor that won’t weigh you down.

The case has a grippy finish that helps you hold onto your iPhone, a microfiber lining that keeps its glass looking great, and a dual-layer design that absorbs impacts. But that’s not all.

The Xvida case’s biggest selling point is its built-in magnets, which let you attach your iPhone to a whole host of metal surfaces. It also works beautifully with a number of useful Xvida companion accessories. Even if you’ve got an iPhone that doesn’t come with Apple’s MagSafe system, you can get in on some magical magnetic action with Xvida gear.

You can stick it on the wall, too.
Photo: Xvida

Those accessories include a mountable wireless charging pad, a wireless charging stand, and a wireless charging vent mount that works wonders in any vehicle.

From just $19

You can pick up your Xvida magnetic iPhone case from the Cult of Mac Store, where prices start at just $19. Check out the full Xvida lineup today.

Note: We originally published this post on January 27, 2020. We updated it to include new products from Xvida.