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Apple adds ‘grace period’ for subscription app bills


App Store shopping credit card
Your app subscriptions won‘t be cut off if you forget to tell Apple about your new credit card.
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Apple will no longer immediately cut off subscriptions if there’s a problem with the payment method. Users will have a “grace period” to continue using the service or application while Apple contacts them about renewing it.

The company announced the change to developers today: “With the new grace period for unsuccessful auto-renewals, subscribers can continue accessing your app’s paid content while Apple attempts to collect payment — allowing them time to fix the issue.”

Thanks to this new policy, someone won‘t sit down to watch a new Netflix show only to discover their subscription has been cut off because they forgot to tell Apple they had switched to a new credit card.

The company didn’t say how long the grace period will be. It’s only described as “a period of time.”

Third-party software developers will need to opt-in to this change for their apps that are paid for with subscriptions.

Keep an eye on app subscriptions

Apple has been urging developers to move to a subscription model because it brings a consistent revenue stream — with the iPhone maker taking a share of the revenue.

In general, a subscription apps allow users get to try them out without spending any money up front. But subscriptions are a bit more work than simply paying once for software, as the user has to remember to manage their reoccurring commitments. Apple tries to make this easier by listing all active subscriptions in the App Store where the user can shut them down at any time.

Cult of Mac has a “how to” guide to managing your reoccurring payments.

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