Leak shows off Sonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker


leaked photo of Sonos Move
Sonos makes its Move into the Bluetooth speaker market.
Photo: via WinFutre

Smart speaker maker Sonos is getting ready to launch a product with a feature it has long resisted – Bluetooth connectivity.

Reports of a Sonos Move first surfaced earlier this month. Today, a Germany tech site published leaked marketing photos ahead of an Aug. 26 Sonos press event.

The portable speaker, also a first for Sonos, has a recessed handle and a switch that allows users to go between WiFi and Bluetooth. The photos appeared on WinFuture, a site known for breaking news on Microsoft.

Some Sonos executives have previously argued audio via Bluetooth is inferior to WiFi. A switch sounds like a sensible compromise between the audiophiles and team members hoping for new customers with different sound expectations.

leaked photo showing front-back view of Sonos Move
Familiar design in a Bluetooth package.
Photo: via WinFuture

Previous Sonos speakers were designed for in-home use. The Move can integrate with a home system when it is not on the go.

A full list of specs has not got out but according to a report published by The Verge on Aug. 9, the Move will work with the Sonos app in WiFi mode only. In Bluetooth, it works with simple pair and play.

The Sonos Move will also support Apple’s AirPlay 2 and will be the first Sonos speaker with Auto Trueplay, sound that is automatically fine-tuned for the room using microphones built into the speaker.