Want to get laid? You could try using more emojis

Want to get laid? You could try using more emojis


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But don't let the emojis do all the work.
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People who frequently use emojis in their messages have more active sex lives than those who don’t, according to a new study.

Emoji users are also more likely to get a first date, but only 28% of single Americans use them on a regular basis.

Did you know that when Apple first introduced emojis to the iPhone in 2008 that they were only available to users in Japan? They weren’t opened up to everyone until iOS 5 landed three years later.

That seems crazy now given how popular emojis have become. But despite being huge in Japan, where they originated on cellphones way back in 1997, emojis weren’t really used elsewhere back then.

We all have them now, and still, a surprisingly small percentage of people use them often. Those who do seem to be getting laid more than the rest of us.

Emoji users better at dating?

Two surveys conducted by researchers at The Kinsey Institute found that frequent emoji users are better at making social connections — and have more success at dating.

Of the 5,327 single Americans questioned in one study, 28% said they use emojis regularly, while 3% said they use at least one in every text. Only 2.5% said they use more than one per text.

The other 38% said that they never use emojis in their messages.

Researchers linked those who use emojis more frequently with having sex more often, and having more sexual partners in the last year. The first study also found emoji users enjoy more first dates.

But wait

The results from the second study, which included just 275 adult Americans, differ slightly.

Emoji usage was more common among these respondents, with just 3% saying that they never use them with potential dates. And despite emoji usage not being linked with more first dates this time around, it was linked with having more second dates.

The second survey also found that those who use emoji more frequently enjoy more active sex lives.

Should you use more emojis?

So, does this mean that you’ll get laid more frequently if you increase your emoji usage when texting potential partners?

Not quite.

The researchers concluded that “people who use emojis more often may be better at forming connections with others.” But that doesn’t mean you’ll see more success by increasing your emoji usage.

It is believed that emoji users are more emotive in general. They are typically more talkative, more likely to open up to a potential partner, and have an easier time building intimate relationships.

It’s not just the emojis

It’s not the emojis themselves working their magic, then — it’s just that those more likely to use them typically also happen to have traits that make them more successful at dating.

Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams.

Source: PLoS ONE

Via: Psychology Today


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