Women and men prefer very different emojis


The whole purpose of emojis is to quickly express emotions.
Photo: Adobe

Both sexes use emojis in their texts, but not always to express the same emotions. A new survey for World Emoji Day reveals that most of the top choices vary considerably between women and men.

According to Adobe’s first-ever Emoji Trend Report, no matter the gender, “Crying with laughter” is the top choice. It seems people like to laugh and make each other laugh.

For just women, the second and third most popular emojis are expressions of love.

But for men, the second most used emotional icon is a smiley face, while the third is an expression of sadness generally employed to show sympathy.

Men and women emoji preference
How you use emojis depends on your gender.
Chart: Adobe

Emojis express a big range of emotions

Perhaps men are uncomfortable showing love with tiny pictures, but Adobe’s survey found that wasn’t true of most emotions. In fact, 65% of respondents are more comfortable expressing their feelings with emojis than they would be over a telephone call.

And people indicate a whole range of others emotions this way, from anger to pride.

Emotions expressed with emoji
Anyone who doesn’t know which emoji to use to express an emotion might refer to this handy chart.
Chart: Adobe