Revolut now supports Apple Pay in 16 countries


Start spending with Apple Pay today.
Photo: Revolut

Revolut has expanded Apple Pay support to 16 countries across Europe.

The mobile banking service first started working with Apple Pay in late May, but only in the United Kingdom. Revolut says its customers have been requesting support “for a long time.”

It’s not completely clear why it has taken Revolut so long to adopt Apple’s mobile payments service. Banking apps are usually quicker then traditional banks at innovating, but Revolut certainly wasn’t in this case.

It’s here now, though, and a total of 16 countries are supported already.

Revolut expands Apple Pay reach across Europe

In addition to the U.K., the list of supported markets now includes Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain.

“Revolut’s ultimate goal is to give our customers a useful tool to manage every aspect of their financial lives, and the ability to make payments quickly, conveniently and securely is vital to achieving this,” said Arthur Johanet, product owner for card payments at Revolut.

“Our customers have been requesting Apple Pay for a long time, so we are delighted to kick off our rollout, starting with our customers in 16 markets. This is a very positive step forward in enabling our customers to use their money in the way that they want to.”

Using Apple Pay with Revolut

To get started with Apple Pay, simply add your Revolut card in the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch, and to the Wallet & Apple Pay settings on iPad.

If you’re new to Revolut, you don’t need to wait for your physical card to arrive. Simply add the details you’ve been given for your virtual card and you’re ready to start spending right away.