Apple Podcasts now offers web playback feature


Apple's podcasts app is deeper than you might imagine.
Podcasts just got an overhaul.
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Apple has overhauled the web interface for podcasts hosted on its platform. The refresh means that Mac users can now stream episodes directly from the website, instead of being redirected through iTunes.

The change comes at a time when Apple is reportedly moving to break up iTunes, which has been bloated and increasingly un-user-friendly for years.

The update gives each podcast its own landing page, complete with prominent title and descriptions, star ratings, and clearly marked duration. See the below illustration, including the “play” button.

How podcasts look now.
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Not available everywhere yet

Interestingly, the redesign may still be rolling out internationally. Based, as I am, in the U.K., I’m still being directed to the old iTunes layout when I visit podcasts. The same is true for my colleague in Spain. I would guess that this will be rapidly rectified, thereby presenting a unified interface all over the world. Here’s how podcasts used to look (or still do if you’re in Europe!)

How podcasts looked before (or now, if you’re in Europe.)
Photo: Cult of Mac

This isn’t the only change happening to Apple podcasts. As noted, Apple is reportedly working to break up iTunes. A recent report claimed that a future macOS update will include a dedicated Podcast app, in line with the one on iOS.

Via: 9to5Mac