Modular Table Will Accommodate Both Your Houseplant And Your iPad



We admit, this table isn’t for everyone. Heck, it’s not even for me: the only thing growing out of my coffee table are several blossoming fungal pillars where slices of pizza were once let to be.

Even so, we can’t help but admit this conceptual modular table designed by Roberto Delponte of Stratodesign, which — I think — really does a lot to highlight the iPad’s almost zen minimalist gorgeousness of aesthetic.

Called the Bonsai Wood Version, one end of the wooden table has been designed to hold a flower pot or bonsai tree, while the other one is built with a hollow in which to ensconce an iPad, positioning the display perfectly flush with the center of the table.

I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to put in the middle of the table. I’d probably fill it with beer bottle caps and lint-encrusted jellybeans, but your mileage may well vary: perhaps an iPad Camera Connection Kit and dock connector cable?

[via Born Rich]