ThunderMag revives MagSafe for Thunderbolt 3 connections


ThunderMag replaces MagSafe for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connections.
ThunderMag replaces MagSafe for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connections.
Photo: innerexile

MagSafe break-away cables were a great way to keep MacBooks from getting damaged but Apple stopped using them as part of the transition to USB-C.  ThunderMag is a new accessory that replicates this feature.

Its inventor claims there’s no data or charging slowdowns, as have plagued earlier attempts to replace MacSafe.

As the name suggests, MagSafe connected data and changing cables to Apple laptops with magnets; no part of the cable was inserted inside the computer.  With this design, the connection came apart when someone tripped over a power cable without yanking the MacBook onto the floor.

ThunderMag: 100W and 40Gbps

Previous attempts to add this feature to USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cables and ports ran into limitations in bandwidth. Some have not even attempted to transmit data, just power. 

But that’s apparently changed. “ThunderMag is the world’s fastest data transmission design, which operates at 40Gbps transmission speed and provides the most stable and secure data exchange environment,” says innerexile, the company behind this invention.  It’s promising 4K/5K video through its adapters.

The adapter also offers 100W fast power charge.

Better living through magnetism

Half of the ThunderMag hardware a detachable magnetic adaptor that fits in the computer’s Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port. There’s a second magnetic adapter with a port for the cable to be plugged into.  These two adapters hold themselves together while transmitting power and data. innerexile describes the connection as “dust resistant and yank-safe.”

ThunderMac consists of two adapters held together with magnets.
ThunderMag consists of two adapters held together with magnets.
Photo: innerexile

ThunderMag launched today on KickStarter.  If innerexile‘s project is funded, these accessories will cost $79. Lower prices are available now for those willing to take the risk of funding the development.