This versatile bag gives your iPad a stylish commute


Commuterpak is ready for the deep dive downtown.
Photo: Funk Street Outfitters

There are hundreds of brands for bags and cases, but all boil down to a handful of styles: the satchel/messenger bag, backpack or sling bag.

The Commuterpak, from startup Funk Street Outfitters, borrows from all of the styles while still maintaining a minimal profile.

If there is one word to describe the bag, it would be enough.

The Commuterpak is wearable three different ways and is meant for the person who prides themselves on a tight edit of their bag’s contents before walking out the door. If you carry just the essentials, this may be the essential bag.

The pack for iPads and other tablets.
Photo: Funk Street Essentials

Funk Street Outfitters began selling the bag for $80 earlier this month after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It is the first product for a new company aiming to be competitive in a crowded space known as EDC, short for Every Day Carry.

Commuterpak enters the EDC field

EDC evolved along with the personal computing revolution. We needed comfortable, protective bags to carry our gadgets, especially laptops, and related accessories. Skinny jeans also necessitated cases and bags with designs to carry keys, notebooks, smartphones, and so many a bag come loaded with functional pockets for every possible need.

It’s an 11.5 inches wide, 9 inches high and 4.5 inches deep. It weighs less than a pound and was designed for the person who carries an iPad or some other tablet. The cycling commuter and street photographer may also like it for its slight profile and minimal branding.

The fanny pack reimagined.
Photo: Funk Street Essentials

It is a waist pack without looking like the nerdy, regrettable fanny back of the 1990s. It also performs well on the shoulder like a messenger bag or slung across the back.

The material is made with a honeycomb ripstop nylon, heavy-duty Aquaguard reverse zippers, and a Fidlock Magnet Buckle to close the flap. There are two front pockets, a roomy main compartment, and padded microfiber tablet sleeve.

Commuterpak comes in black or olive and the front flap is accented with a reflective strip.