Happy Cover For iPad Makes Us Happy [Review]



The iPad is a beautiful device and a well-constructed case is a must have. The ‘Happy Cover’ from design house Atelier Kurth aims to meet our case needs, all the while delivering retro style that sets it apart from the masses.

What’s Good?: The case is clearly made by designers, using bold imagery and text that showcases a selection of gadgets and technological innovations from days past. The cases feature big, bold pictures of transistors, capacitors, floppy drives and serial ports. The artwork is really striking.

The Happy Cover is made from durable 100% cotton fabric and is lined with a second layer of the same material inside. A great deal of thought has gone into the look of the slip case, with a contrasting pattern lining the inside. It also has a nylon velcro flap to ensure the iPad doesn’t make an appearance without your consent.

What’s Bad?: This case is one of style rather than protection. It will do a sterling job of keeping your iPad free from dust and grime, but if you are looking for something that will help with a fall you will need to look elsewhere. The case has no padding to speak of and offers little to no protection from a drop. To be fair to the maker — their website does say that this case is primarily for secondary protection from scratches dust and dirt, whilst in another bag.


For me this case is a winner. I have a really nice bag that I carry my gadgets around in. It is a very well-padded bag and the Happy Cover does a perfect job of ensuring scratch free transport from one place to another. The designs are fantastic and will give a retro styling to your iPad that any hipster would be proud of. If you need drop protection, this isn’t the case for you, but for me it works — and it works well.

Happy Cover for iPad from Atelier Kurth

[xrr rating=70%]



Compatibility: For iPad

List Price: $30

Buy Now: The HAPPY COVER is available direct from the supplier for $30