World’s largest Mac collection goes up for sale


The Macintosh LC 580 blew away PCs when it came to multimedia performance.
A huge collection of classic Macs like this one is up for sale.
Photo: The Apple Guy/YouTube

If one Mac is good then 1,100 of them is better, right? That used to be the philosophy of Roland Borsky, but the costs of storing a computer collection that dates back decades is forcing the Austrian man to sell it.

Borsky warns that if he can’t find a buyer all the computers are going to be thrown away.

Borsky began repairing Apple computers back in the 1980s, and collecting them at the same time, to the point where his collection has grown to over thousand items. And there’s also printers, monitors, and more. But the costs of storing all that hardware has just become too much.

Classic Macs for sale

“Just as others collect cars and live in a little box to afford them, so it is with me,” he told Reuters. Most of the Macs are in a warehouse where Borsky owes €20,000 to €30,000 ($23,000-35,000) in back rent. He’s hoping someone will take the collection in exchange for paying off what he owes.

If that doesn’t happen he’s going to have to dump all that Apple history. “It’ll be shredded,” he warned Reuters. “That is what bothers me the most because I can’t currently rent a storage space that I can afford.”

Unfortunately, Borsky’s situation isn’t unusal. Early this year, Benj Edwards put his collection of 228 Apple computers up for sale because he no longer had room to store them.  But at least the world’s largest collection of Apple prototypes is safe. 

Collectors will pay out huge sums for very early Apple computers, but there’s less demand for later models from the 1980s and 1990s.